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Publisher Description

This highly acclaimed, award-winning book has become a "must read" for anyone looking to become a healer and also for those who would like to explore their own spirituality more fully. This expanded and enhanced edition, reveals simple yet powerful discoveries that can unlock your miraculous potential to eliminate fear, dispel anger and mend the broken heart of just about anyone. It now contains many gorgeous photos plus instructional videos. Easy enough for a beginner to understand yet significant enough to impress nearly any master healer!

• Heal yourself as you learn to heal others

• Non-scientific, down-to-earth & easy to understand

• Filled with caring guidance & practical knowledge

• Step by step instruction to de-mystify energy work

• Develop a more meaningful life as a healer

• Awaken you spirituality

• Unlock secret abilities which you already possess

Health, Mind & Body
August 8
Inner Place Publishing
Gene Krackehl

Customer Reviews

Shima Chayvet ,

Inspiring Gift for Healers

Whether you are currently a healer or some one who aspires to learn and understand the gift of healing this is a must read. In his usual fashion Gene brings the magic of peace, balance, well being and love to the forefront of everything he does. As some one who trained with Gene and now brings healing to many others I can only say that Gene has out done himself again!

mofitz808 ,

Great Book!

This book has changed the way I view things. I enjoyed the paperbook edition and the visuals in this version helps reinforce everything in print. The book is so easy to engage with and is great for those new to the healing fiels as well as those with experience. I have read it several times and keep going back to parts when I need to. I highly recommend it!

Windquill ,

A Keeper!

This is truly a gift that I'll refer back to time and time again when I need encouragement, counseling and protection. I also appreciated Gene's inclusion of the chakra chart and rituals for healing. As I read this, I felt that Gene was giving away all of his life's experience, in a sense his own expression of love. It made me question my own restrictive expression of Love. I'm hoping that by visiting this book time and time again .... my own expressions of love will become more expansive. ... therefore becoming a person who's presence heals others as well.