You Are Your Healer

The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self

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“Swan’s thought-provoking book will likely inspire others to pursue their spiritual journey.” —The US Review

“The go-to book for you if you wish to let go of your past and find peace in the present moment … Yol Swan will show you how to heal yourself by yourself and avoid falling prey to false prophets and gurus.” —San Francisco Book Review

Are you struggling in life or confused about your spiritual path? Break free from a distorted perception and take effective steps toward healing and enlightenment.


Do negative emotions sabotage your relationships, experiences, or goals? Do you feel deflated when you find obstacles or opposition, or when other people’s behavior doesn’t match your expectations? 

With over thirty years of experience exploring the mind through psychology, spirituality, and nonduality, spiritual teacher and author Yol Swan has helped clients across the world gain inner knowledge and freedom. Now she’s here to share the Swan Method to unleash your full spiritual potential. Integrating ancient Vedic wisdom into a practical system of self-discovery, she guides you through an empowering process to understand the true nature of reality and heal the wounded perception that blocks the love and happiness for which you yearn.


Perhaps you’ve been working on yourself to grow emotionally or spiritually, but you haven’t made the progress you hoped for. Your mind goes one way, but your impulses and emotions pull you in a different direction. Imagine what would your life feel like if you could be completely present and at peace. What if you had an ongoing, practical method to let go of the unconscious patterns that hold you back? This extraordinary book shows you how. 


You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self provides a clear framework to gain emotional and spiritual freedom and transform your life from within, without needing to control anything external.


In You Are Your Healer, you’ll discover how to:


•       Develop self-awareness and inner peace to be fully present in life.

•       Master the ego-mind that keeps you emotionally stuck in the past.

•       Uncover hidden patterns of perception that disconnect you from love.

•       Awaken your inner power to transform painful experiences.

•       Clear a path toward Self-realization, and much, much more!

When you follow the Swan Method consistently, your experience of life shifts spontaneously as you reclaim the Divine Consciousness you really are and have always been—free, limitless, and eternal.


You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self is an empowering guide to claim your life in full. If you like inspirational teachers, spiritual tools for self-mastery, and making immediate yet profound changes for the better, then you’ll love Yol Swan’s system of self-awakening.


Buy You Are Your Healer today to break free from the past and reignite your spiritual flame!

Health, Mind & Body
August 2
Sri Devi Press
Yol Swan

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