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From NYT Bestselling Author Kristen Proby comes an all new stand-alone novel in her beloved With Me In Seattle Series!

You Belong With Me

Elena Watkins is used to getting what she wants. She grew up the daughter of one of the most powerful mafia bosses on the west coast, an indulged, rich girl who got away with everything.

Except the love of her life.

Archer was the king of their high school. His charming grin swept her off her feet. Days after graduation, they ran away together and eloped. Elated to spend the rest of their lives together, Archer and Elena were on cloud nine.

Until Elena’s father discovered what they’d done. 

He swore to keep them apart, even if it meant taking Archer’s life. Knowing what her father was capable of, Elena left Archer, and never looked back. The pain of leaving him would pale to the pain of losing him.

That’s what she’s told herself every day for twelve years. But now her father is dead, and Archer is back. Finally, they should be able to piece the broken pieces of their love back together.

But the mafia has a long memory. 

May 26
Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Kristen Proby

Customer Reviews

Virna Thompson ,

Emotional and steamy second chance romance

I am newer to the books by Kristen Proby but have quickly become a fan of her writing. Though I have read several of her With Me in Seattle books, they can be read as standalones, though I am slowing working my way through them. In You Belong With Me, we get a second chance romance that was emotional and steamy and full of the feels.

Elena and Archer were young and in love and wanted nothing more then to be happy and in love together. But her father, the Mafia boss, had other ideas. Rather than lose him forever, she walked away. But he is back and ready to fight for her. He was determined and charming. She was strong and caring. Will they find their happily ever after?

Happy reading!

TaylorTravels2 ,

Suspenseful and satisfying

I was a little nervous to start this book—suspense and violence aren’t really my thing—but thank God this is a romance novel (I mean romance novels have a rule, right??? They HAVE to have a happy ending...right???**praying I never come across one of those not-happy-ending romance novels**).

Recommend! (Especially after book 13 was kind of a dud)

Sandyn461 ,

Finally Archer and Elena

Lots of drama and suspense in this story. We were all rooting for Archer and Elena after Dream With Me. Torn apart when they were younger, that finally come together. Elena comes from a very powerful and dangerous family. Archer never gave up on Elena. Finally together it takes a bit and some hurdles for them to find their HEA.

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