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NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling author Jasinda Wilder returns with the third book in her revolutionary YOU CAN DO IT series. The first two books, YOU CAN DO IT and YOU CAN DO IT: STRENGTH taught you how to make lasting, life-altering changes to the way you view food and exercise. With the introduction of The Wilder Way, you learned how to wean yourself off sugar and processed food, and in The Wilder Way 2.0, you added quick and easy strength-building routines to your life. 

And now, with YOU CAN DO IT: FASTING you’ll learn how to shred away pounds, inches, and stubborn fat using a simple, proven method that is thousands of years old: fasting.

The original Wilder Way showed you how to set yourself free from craving unhealthy foods; using the Wilder Way, you make changes gradually, in logical steps that build on each other to create a lifestyle of healthy, satisfying, and sustainable nutritional practices.

In this book, you’ll add to your arsenal of fat-loss techniques with one that has been used for thousands of years by cultures across the globe. You’ll find out how, why, when, how long, and how often to fast. You’ll receive tips for breaking your fast and sustaining it, you’ll learn how this potent tool creates a fountain of youth through autophagy, and how to apply fasting techniques to virtually every area of your life.

You’ve done The Wilder Way 8-week challenge, you’ve done the workouts, and you’ve made powerful, permanent changes to your life. Now, get ready to take the final step on the journey with Jasinda in YOU CAN DO IT: FASTING.

Health, Mind & Body
March 16
Jasinda Wilder
Seth Clarke

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