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You Can Do It: Strength

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Publisher Description

New York Times bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is back with the highly-anticipated sequel to YOU CAN DO IT. In this book, Jasinda expands on the life-changing Wilder Way, showing you how to take the lessons and tactics learned in the first book and create a life of strength. Including all new recipes, beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout routines, and eating plans, Wilder Way 2.0 is designed to help you continue shedding pounds and inches while increasing your muscles mass. 

Can’t do a single pushup? Think working out is for muscle-bound macho men and stick-thin fitness models? Think you have to hire an expensive personal trainer and spend hours in the gym every single day just to get fit? Think again!

If you read YOU CAN DO IT and participated in the Wilder Way eight-week challenge along with thousands of other health-seekers, then you went from couch to 5k, went from the on-again/off-again diet cycle to living a lifestyle of positive, delicious nutrition and fun, consistent movement. In YOU CAN DO IT: STRENGTH, Jasinda Wilder builds on those lessons and shows you how to incorporate strength training into your daily routine, whether you’ve never done a single pushup or are a card-carrying member of the gym. 

Filled with more practical advice, humorous anecdotes as only Jasinda can tell them, and life-altering real talk, YOU CAN DO IT: STRENGTH has everything you need to find your strong. 

What are you waiting for? Open the book and let’s get fit!

Health, Mind & Body
March 29
Jasinda Wilder
Seth Clarke

Customer Reviews

Shelly062498 ,

I needed this book!!

I was super excited to see Jasinda write this book! And it came at a time when I really needed it!!

I started her program last May with Big Girls do it Running and although I was still following the food plan of the program, I slacked off on the 'running' part of it and was feeling upset with myself. I wasn't being hard on myself, I just would get in little moods where I didn't WANT to exercise. If anyone who knows me, knows I HATE to sweat - and I HATE exercising. I didn't want to spend hours in a gym, or exert myself out running for a long time.

I made excuses. My life was busy, my kids have activities to be at, I was feeling too tired to do it, I wanted to read my book, I wanted to watch my favorite tv show. Why should I exercise when I was loosing weight just by changing what I ate?

But the fact is, even though I was loosing weight by changing my eating habits, I still wasn't getting my body healthy. I wasn't exercising my heart, my lungs or my muscles. And that's important too.

With this book, I don't have to spend hours running, I don't have to spend hours at a gym to get my body healthy and strong! I didn't know just a few simple exercisies could get my body stronger like it was meant to be! I didn't know that in just 30-45 mins a day, I could accomplish something that will last me a lifetime. I'm not an exercise expert, I don't know the proper exercises nor the proper increments to get the results that I want. Jasinda explains it ALL in this book. And it has helped motivate me again and to get stronger! Plus, there are lots of new recipes to try!!

Thank you Jasinda for all your hard work and research you've put into this program. And thank you for all your constant support! You won't get that in a gym!!

Marni Meek ,

Big Girls Do It Stronger

Jasinda has written an amazing book to follow up Big Girls Do It Running. Her plan is easy to follow and I feel a million times better. Thank you so much for your honest and humorous anecdotes. Your book has challenged me to start moving my body as well as feeding it well!

Jwigg0714 ,

Getting motivated to get stronger has never been so easy

This is an awesome follow up to the first book. The recipes alone are well worth the price. I also bought the paperback version because sometimes you just need to hold motivational genius in the palm of your hands. Jasinda's honesty and sincerity to help all moms, daughters, sisters, and friends to get healthy and strong jumps off each page!! Do something for yourself and purchase this book!

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