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In Climax, North Carolina, climbing the professional ladder means making the right connections. And Paxton Cates is about to form a partnership he never expected . . .
While his brothers have found their true loves, Paxton remains stubbornly single, and it’s not helping his career. Sure, he’s a successful lawyer, but to become a judge you’ve got to mingle with the right crowds—and without a partner at his side, he’s not getting enough invitations. He needs someone, and soon. Someone like Jolene Joyner . . .
Jolene, a local high school English teacher, has a history of driving Paxton crazy. She’s just too perfect—and she’s never let him forget it. But now Ms. Goody Two-Shoes is in trouble for the first time in her life, and she needs a lawyer. He’ll take her case—if she’ll play by his rules. Six months of socializing should do the trick—if they can convince everyone they’ve put aside their animosity and fallen madly in love. Then they can go their separate ways.
The only problem is that Jolene seems to have developed a taste for bad behavior . . . especially where Paxton is concerned. And instead of just a pretty partner in deception, he’s got himself a new client who’s anything but innocent . . .

September 19
Penguin Random House LLC

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kirchersmiles ,

Loved It!!!!

You Can't Hurry Love (A Cates Brothers Book) by Lee Kilraine

5 Stars

I loved loved loved this book. Everything there is about this book was perfect in my opinion. I couldn't set it down once I started it, and I mean that literally. I'm only sad that this was my first book by this author. I have every intention of getting all the books before this one and devouring them but I can't help but wish I had started at the beginning of the series.

I love enemies to friends to lovers books, but this one climbed to the top of the list. It all started when Paxton pulled the chair right in front of the cell that Jolene was currently occupying. I thought to myself right then...yep this is gonna be a good one. The interaction between these two was amazing, and that it had been going on since preschool and him cutting off one of her pigtails was genius.

The families got to me, both sides were so loving and caring and that tore at my heartstrings and made me smile. The town and how they all reacted to these two was hilarious as well as the brotherly love with all the Cates brothers. Besides the main characters I'd have to say Georgie and the way she took her best friend role so serious was one of my favorite parts of this book…

…...Paxton leaned forward over the counter. “Why is Georgie looking at me as if I sneezed on her goodies in the display case?” Glancing over her shoulder at Georgie, who still had her death stare aimed at Paxton, Jo said, “Just ignore her. She doesn’t eat enough fiber.” “I heard that.”.......

This author's writing style is why I love to read, perfect flow and just the right amount of content, no filler fluff. I'm seriously hoping there are at least two more books in this series, one for Georgie and the other for Darlene, I'm just feeling like there might be a lot more to that story then we know.

Many thanks to this author for a fantastic feel good read!

bh313@hotmail ,

Loved it!

Loved this story! It's filled with humor, lots of snarky banter between Paxton and Jolene, and a fun enemies to lovers romance. Great characters and great writing make it very enjoyable.

Paxton Cates is a lawyer in Climax, NC with plans to become a judge. To move up in the legal community of Climax he needs to mingle. Attending events alone doesn't seem to be working. He needs a girlfriend, With no prospects and no time to find one Paxton is at a loss. Then he gets a call from Jolene Joyner. It seems that little Miss Perfect has gotten herself into some legal trouble. So he strikes a bargain with her. He'll take her case and keep everything secret if she'll agree to pose as his girlfriend. Attend functions with him. Basically help him achieve his goals. Best laid plans.....

A delightful read that I recommend to everyone.

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