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You Do Something to Me (New York Sullivans‪)‬

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Publisher Description

"YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME is one of the best books in the Sullivans series! A very sweet, sexy, sizzling and poignant love story!" 5 stars

Alec Sullivan has always believed he has it all. A billion-dollar private aviation business. A penthouse apartment in New York City. Beautiful women who know better than to expect him ever to fall in love. And great siblings for whom he'd do anything. But when Alec's business partner passes away and leaves everything to a daughter Alec never knew about, in an instant everything in his life turns upside down...all because of Cordelia.

Cordelia always thought she was perfectly happy with her life. She owns a garden store she loves, lives in a pretty little cottage in the same town as her adoptive parents, and figures there's plenty of time to meet Mr. Right. But she never counted on becoming the surprise heir to a fortune...or on meeting a man like Alec Sullivan. A shockingly sexy billionaire who makes her heart race and melt all at the same time.

Neither Alec nor Cordelia plans on getting any closer than they have to. Only, how can either of them fight this kind of heat, this depth of desire? And when Cordelia needs Alec's support, it's pure instinct for him to be there for her. But when it's her turn to help him confront his deepest pain, will Alec let her in? Or will he push her away, just as he's pushed away everyone who's loved him for the past thirty years...

YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME is part of Bella Andre's USA Today and New York Times #1 bestselling series about The Sullivans. While it can easily be read as a stand-alone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the other books too.

"You Do Something To Me is a brilliant love story! So sweet and tender. If you love a happy ever after, this is the book for you!"

"Another absolute home run by Bella Andre! A story of heartache, self-discovery, friendship, love and loss, and it was absolutely fantastic. I am now counting the days for the next Sullivan!" 

"Bella Andre has given us another Sullivan hit! I cannot wait to read the next Sullivan adventure!"

"Once again Bella Andre gives her readers another wonderful, amazing book about the Sullivans. You Do Something To Me is full of love, forgiveness and family!"


The Look of Love

From This Moment On

Can't Help Falling In Love

I Only Have Eyes For You

If You Were Mine

Let Me Be The One

Come A Little Bit Closer

Always On My Mind

Kissing Under The Mistletoe


One Perfect Night

The Way You Look Tonight

It Must Be Your Love

Just To Be With You

I Love How You Love Me

All I Ever Need Is You


Every Beat Of My Heart

Now That I've Found You

Since I Fell For You

Sweeter Than Ever

The Best Is Yet To Come

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

You Do Something To Me

Every Time We Fall In Love


Falling In Love All Over Again

Your Love Is Mine

There Goes My Heart

When You Kiss Me

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Bella Andre is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “The Sullivans”, “The Morrisons” and “The Maverick Billionaires” series. Her novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world and she has sold more than 8 million books so far! Known for "sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance" (Publishers Weekly), her books have been Cosmopolitan Magazine "Red Hot Reads" twice and have been translated into ten languages. There are more than 50,000 5 star reviews for Bella Andre's books on Goodreads! Married with two children, Bella splits her time between the Northern California wine country, a log cabin in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York, and a flat in London overlooking the Thames.

October 11
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Customer Reviews

savsandy ,

A Mixed Bag

I always enjoy Bella Andre’s books. She’s one of my go-to authors so I was unprepared for the disappointment that crept over me as I read “You Do Something To Me”. The plot is strong and entertaining and the pacing dragged early on but picked up about a quarter of the way in. The main characters, Alec Sullivan and Cordelia Langley, are a mixed bag. Alec is not especially likable at first but grows on you as his depths and complexities are revealed. Cordelia on the other hand, is seemingly perfect. With no flaws, she’s too patient, too sweet, too forgiving, too smart, too beautiful. She’s too much.

Also, I can’t recall a Bella Andre book more in need of some scrupulous editing. As annoying as they are, typos seem inevitable in the world of ebooks but not so for mangled sentences, redundancies, trite/stale phrasing and fluffy prose. Each of the last 5 or 6 books I’ve read contained two or more uses of “beyond a shadow of a doubt”. I expected better of Ms Andre. Even though it’s technically correct, I’m still puzzling over her use of the British term “bespoke” instead of the more recognizable “tailor-made, custom made, or custom tailored.” Why? And since I’m on a rant, potatoes are root vegetables. Since they’re usually planted 10-12” deep, they must be “dug” to be harvested.
All in all, #17 in The Sullivans series is an okay read. Though I must admit, the love scenes are off the charts hot, which is all good.

KellyMcClure ,


Swoon! Alec Sullivan is totally swoon-worthy and just another in a long line of Sullivan leading men that I love!

Little did Alec know when his business partner, who was closer than a father, passed away unexpectedly, his life would forever change. Turns out that there was a long lost daughter...enter Cordelia Langley.

Cordelia grew up with loving parents, a simple life and everything she thought she wanted. She always knew she was adopted but it never bothered her, since she had everything she needed. Her plants and nursery, her simple life...enter Alec Sullivan....

This is a love story. It is about redemption from the past, letting go of regrets and grabbing on to the future you never knew you wanted. Once again, Bella brings the characters to life with her beautiful words, capturing the same spirit we have come to love from all of the Sullivans. Can’t wait for Harry’s HEA.

SPdub ,

Alec and Cordelia fall in love, surprisingly to them.

Alec Sullivan and Gordon Whitley own a billion dollar plane business. Gordon has a fatal heart attack in their office. The only thing he says to Alec is: Cordelia. Who is Cordelia? The will has been read and Gordon’s half of S&W goes to his biological daughter Cordelia.

Cordelia runs a nursery. She is a master gardener. She works in the dirt, not getting her nails done. What is she suppose to do with an airplane business? She gets air sick. She puts plants and mulch in someone’s car, she is not an office girl.

Alec has been shocked to learn Gordon had a daughter. Gordon said nothing to him in all the years they have been in business. He drafts up a buy-out agreement for his meeting w Cordelia.

Alec meets Cordelia and doesn’t want her to sign the buy-out papers. Cordelia is way out of Alec’s league. Alec begins to show Cordelia the real Alec. Alec has a ton of weight around his neck from his parent’s disastrous marriage. He chooses not to speak to his father.

They both spend a little time in each others world. I gave this 5 stars because we see Alec fall for Cordelia almost immediately, however he is totally clueless that love is what he is in. His parents certainly were not role models. Cordelia tries very had not to fall in love with Alec, but fails nevertheless.

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