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I married the bad boy from Brooklyn.

The one with the tattoos and the look in his eyes that told me he was bad news.

The look that comes with all sorts of warnings.

I knew what I was doing.

I knew by the way he put his hands on me; how he owned me with his forceful touch.

I couldn’t say no to him, not that I wanted to. That was then, and it seems like forever ago.

Years later, I’ve grown up and moved on. But he’s still the man I married. Dangerous in ways I don’t like to think about.

I did this to myself. I knew better than to fall for him.

I only wish love was enough to fix this…

You Know I Love You is book 1 of a duet. It is the second duet in the series, but it can be read first.

November 17
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

2g3 ,


This is Kat and Evan’s story. it’s a story about how life choices can change people and marriage and the fallout that sometimes ensues. While the crisis in the story may be much different from most, the raw emotions a person feels while sitting on a precipice and being unsure of what will happen and which way they hope things will turn out versus the logical thinking of the way one thinks things should turn out without that hope. There is deceit, mystery, lust and love all intertwined in this story. It’s a gritty story that I think most people can relate to, and I highly recommend it.

95one ,

Loved it!

Wow, another unputdownable book by Willow Winters, one of my favorite authors. It takes a brilliant author to make me laugh, cry—yet, this story is an emotional rollercoaster as we ride every high and hit the withdrawal symptoms that the characters endures. This romantic suspense is about complicated love, brazen lust, and heartbreak. This book is also heart-wrenching in its emotional angst, highs and lows of the two main characters’ struggles as they try to get what they each need. This was a crushing and, at times, unhinged story that is suspenseful with mystery and emotional with real issues. This book was flawlessly and poignantly written about Evan and Kat Thompson’s love story—emotional and exhilarating—their story is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time!! YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU drained every bit of moisture from my eyes—I had tears streaming down my face in parts of the book cause I could feel their heartbreak and just when I thought I had none left, tears would occur again. I fell head over heels for Evan and Kat, and I have no doubt you will too. Evan and Kat are having serious marital problems. Each loving the other so much that you can’t stay together because of something that the other did. What happens when you are torn with what is right or stay and accept and hope fervently that you can somehow find a way to love that person again? Evan and Kat’s journey is full of deception, hurt, trust, and lies. Evan must fight for the Kat’s love that he thinks he deserves. The characters in this story were so real, so cinematic, it was like they were living and acting right in front of me. Find out what happens next! You will not want to miss this one! This is one story that will stay with you. Willow Winters manages to weave suspenseful plots centered on romantic ideas with artfully developed main characters.

Szmoromou ,

A Painful Love

This story tore my heart to pieces from the very beginning to bitter end. Evan and Kat have the kind of love that many don't see in a lifetime. But with time, that love had become victimized by lies, secrets and deceit. In the beginning, Kat fell hard for the bad boy, and as much as Evan tried to deny what he felt for Kat in the end he fell just as hard. They were inseparable, partying with Evan's clients and loving one another like crazy. As Kat's career took off, they started to spend less time together.
Evan once loved the rush he felt when he was out doing his job, but the last couple of months it has felt more like a prison. As much as he wants out, he can't because of a secret that has damned him to hell. Kat is finally at the top of her game, one of the biggest sought out editors in New York. However, her fame has costed her personal life. Slowly Kat and Evan find that their drifting further and further apart. So when rumors surface that Evan is unfaithful, and he doesn't deny it, Kat questions his actions.
I am a sucker for a good girl turning a bad boy around. I had high hopes that Kat would be able to pull Evan out of the hell he was drowning in, but the lies, secrets and deceit drowned their love instead. It is so evident how much they love each other. How much they both need each other like their next breath. But the terrible secret that Evan is keeping is eating him up and destroying any trust that Kat has for her husband. Can Kat and Evan survive this or is it finally over?

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