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Blood is thicker than water…

Having endured more than their share of tragedy, sisters Lily and Sasha embark on a dream holiday—only to find themselves in hell. Kidnapped by a rich madman, Sasha is sold into slavery, while Lily is forced to join The Collection, a unique bevy of exotic beauties enduring frequent horrors at the hands of elite bidders. However, no amount of pain and suffering will break Lily, who will stop at nothing to save her younger sister. Possibly with help from an unlikely ally.  

Love is stronger than loyalty...

Attempting to prove his allegiance to his employer, Jake is tasked with guarding the unruly and uncontrollable Lily. He can’t afford to help her in her quest to free Sasha—not if he hopes to fulfill his own agenda. But in their dark, gritty, tension-filled world, solace is taken wherever it’s found. Bonds are formed and hearts engage despite Jake’s resistance and both their attempts at self-preservation.

When certain secrets come to light, the resulting explosion has breathtakingly bittersweet consequences that, by the end, may not leave everyone whole…or alive.

August 27
Evie Harper
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Alexa_me99 ,


Interesting story. I would definitely recommend this book.

Apaige24 ,

Mind blowing

I absolutely had an obsession with this book and it only took 24 hours or less to read. Couldn't put it down. Author did an amazing job. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Souadatou ,


This story was amazing. Even though I am just a fourteen year old, when she was in. Her dark hole it was exactly how I am feeling most of the time. This story really showed how well both Lily and Sasha cared for each other. I learned in this story to respect my younger siblings and actually take good care of them like Lily did to Sasha. I cannot feel what they had went through when their parents died because I still have my mother, and she is my life, but I do know how she felt hen her sister died. To me my older step sister is in Ohio and it is like she died because I never hear from her, and I never see her, and when we do see each other, we tend to not get along. I am always fighting with her just to be heard. Sometimes I learned it is best if I kept my feelings for myself.

If Sasha and Lily were real I would applaud them and be generous of what I already have. .

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