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What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

He’s there to stop a wedding. 

Maxwell Bonander’s sister has been engaged six times in the past five years without any marriages. Tiff has the worst taste in men. So when she announces she’s marrying a man after only knowing him two days, Max knows he’s got to stop the ceremony.

She’s there as a bridesmaid. 

Lorelei Spencer thinks Tiff has finally found the right man. When Tiff asks Lorelei to keep Max occupied, she takes her job seriously. Too seriously.

They never expected to wake up married. Can this unlikely couple unravel what happened in Vegas? And when they uncover the truth, will they really want an annulment?

December 6
Purple Papaya, LLC
Purple Papaya, LLC

Customer Reviews

Agent$$$$ ,

Quirky Scientist Woos The CEO

Max, the CEO of Bon-Bon Chocolates, is sent by his father to stop his sister's wedding. Max, still seeking his dad's approval, flies out to Vegas to stop the marriage per dad's orders. Tiff has a bad track record where men are concerned, but thinks she's finally found "the one". Their father, who used to run Bon-Bon Chocolates, nearly ran it into the ground with his overspending and poor management. Tiff is now the head of the company with her brother the CEO. Tiff, knowing Max is on his way, begs her best friend Lorelei to stall him.

Lorelei has had a crush on Max forever, but knows he sees her as more of a "sister". Upon graduating from college, Lorelei earns a position in Bon-Bon Chocolates research division. She's developed varieties of chocolate that are to curb the effects of alcohol in your system so that you don't get drunk and drive. She and Tiff are at a convention in Vegas to showcase the new chocolates--that Max knows nothing about. When Max arrives at the convention to talk sense into Tiff, Lorelei stalls him by having him try the chocolates--which she accidentally exchanged with another prototype....Needless to say, after one too many drinks and chocolates they end up married and in bed together! As they backtrack and try to figure out what happened, they begin to realize that they WANT to stay married.

This was a HILLARIOUS, quirky novel. The hoop wedding dress that wouldn't fit through the door, the blue suede shoes, Max singing and proposing to Lorelei on stage all contributed to the funniest wedding experience two people could have. I loved it! I haven't had the privilege to read the other novels in the series, but will go back and read them now. I read a gifted copy of this novel and all opinions stated are my own.

bh313@hotmail ,

Cute fun read

I've loved this fun cute series and this one may be my favorite. Maxwell Bonander is the serious one of the family. Always trying to prove himself to his father is exhausting and now he finds himself in Vegas trying to put a stop to another of his sister's engagements. Tiff knows why he's there and asks her bridesmaid, Lorelei Spencer, to keep Max too busy to get in the way. Lorelei's not sure but she doesn't think a drunken wedding was what Tiff had in mind. The hilarity of the day after when Max and Lorelei try to piece together what happened had me chuckling all the way through this one.

I highly recommend this one

Dawn Pearson ,

Funny, Romantic, and Some Mystery!

They just keep getting better! This new edition to the Bridesmaids series is funny, romantic, and has an element of mystery.

Lorelei Spencer wakes up to a man's voice answering his phone. The problem is that the man's voice seems to be in the same room! Worse, she recognizes that voice as Maxwell Bonander's. Max, the man who she's convinced doesn't even like her.

Max wakes up to his phone ringing, but there's someone else in the room! It's only when he dares to open his eyes that he recognizes Lorelei. What could she possibly be doing in his room? And, why is she holding what looks to be a wedding dress? And, worse, why does he have a ring on his finger!

Max and Lorelei are in Las Vegas for a candy convention and mysteriously wake up married. What happens in the pages that follow is a hilarious romp in their efforts to unravel the events of the night before and how they ended up tying the knot. However, as they work toward a solution, do they really want to undo it?

In addition to the laughter and mystery is an underlying story of two individuals who reach out to the other with true compassion and support.

Romance - PG
Language - PG

My rating - 5 stars

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