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Jesus said, “Ye must be born again.” There is no possible way to go to Heaven without having the new birth, being made into a child of God. And Jesus told how to have this new birth: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). One who admits he is a poor lost sinner and believes that Christ has died for him and is willing to save him, can, in a moment, turn to Christ and trust Him, rely on Him for forgiveness and salvation. Multitudes are religious but have never been born again. They may live moral lives, they may have been converted or baptized, but that is not enough. One must personally come to put his trust in Jesus as Saviour. And the moment you honestly turn your heart to Christ, trust Him, claim Him as your own personal Saviour, that moment you become a child of God. Yes, the first chapter here is labeled “A Know-So Salvation.” I shall be humbly grateful to God if readers can see here something of the clear simplicity, the holy urgency, the appeal to sense, the challenge to youth, the tender pathos and strongest warning which the Gospel of Christ has, as preached from our infallible and holy Scriptures. I have sought to state it so plainly, with such wooing love, with such holy boldness, that men may see how to be saved, may be moved to accept Christ and salvation immediately, and know it from the Word of God, without ever a tremor or doubt. I seek to state that Gospel so that such converts may hereafter live with a resolute, single-minded assurance ever after. We have had over 18,600 letters from people who wrote to say they found Christ as Saviour through our printed sermons. Oh, we beg you, if you are unsaved, to join this holy company who depend on Christ for salvation and claim Him as Saviour. Christians, too, need the message of this book. Multiplied thousands who now have no solid assurance of salvation can be led into the glad certainty of salvation, that they are saved and kept by God’s power, and can have this glad assurance bolstered by many Scriptures. We believe, too, that Christians may learn better how to deal with lost sinners, how to use the Scriptures in getting people to trust Christ. In Jesus’ dear name, JOHN R. RICE October, 1977

Religion & Spirituality
April 6
Dmitry Gospodarev

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