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“Peter Doggett’s book about the Beatles’ split is a real page-turner.” — Annie Lennox

“Enthralling… Impossible to put down.” — The Independent

Acclaimed journalist Peter Doggett recounts the previously untold story of the dramatic final chapter in the lives, loves, and legal battles of John, Paul, George, and Ringo—aka The Beatles—from their breakup in 1969 to the present day. Called “refreshingly straightforward and highly readable” by The Daily Telegraph (London), You Never Give Me Your Money is the dramatic and intimate story of the breakup and aftermath of The Fab Four as it’s never been told before.

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June 8
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Customer Reviews

Nerdboxer ,

Lesser told story

This is a fantastic and entertaining history of the post breakup years. It really shows how lost they were without each other.

Erichig ,

Couldn't put it down

I am a music fan but only a part time Beatles fan. No matter. This book had me locked in. I recently read the last Lennon interview in Rolling Stone and was fascinated by it and wanted more. I remembered seeing a positive review about this book in Rolling Stone and downloaded the sample. I was hooked.

Basically the book follows the story of the Beatles from their last days together through 2009, using their business dealings to weave the story together. I found myself going back and listening to many of the Beatles' tunes and their solo works as they were mentioned in the book.

You will be crushed by Lennon's death, heartbroken at the near miss reunions, angry at Yoko, sympathetic for George (how much more would he have brought to the Beatles if they could have stayed together)....you couldn't make this stuff up. You will find yourself amazed at Paul's song writing genius and his knack for making the right financial moves. The McCartney override will surprise you but you find yourself wishing the others had followed Paul's guidance.

I am watching the Beatles Anthology while I have been reading this and it really adds to the experience. Many of the characters in the book were interviewed for the Anthology so it helps bring the book to life.

Download and enjoy.

Ghostsin ,


The book is very well written, and quite fair to all concerned which is a hell of an accomplishment considering the multiple subjects. My experience around Beatle books is that they generally lean towards one camp or use mythical character stereotypes for some or all of the secondary cast members. Not so in this volume. Even some of the more unlikable characters are treated fairly and even with some empathy in the case of Allen Klein specifically.

Excellent job!

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