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You Tell Your Dog First…
About the date you just had…about the questionable results of a medical test…about the good and the bad…about everything.

For years, award-winning author Alison Pace was a dog person without a dog. And then, she got Carlie—a feisty and fluffy West Highland white terrier. She could weed out bad boyfriends with a sniff of her button-black nose and win the hearts of lifelong friends with an adoring gaze. Suddenly, Alison had a constant companion and confidante, who went with her on long morning rambles in Central Park, on trips to the country and the beach, and on her search for inner peace, love, and happiness. Through Carlie, Alison found herself connected to the world as never before.

With her trademark warmth, wit and humor, Alison shares her stories…the tales of a dog person who found her dog.

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November 6
Penguin Publishing Group

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Numchuk55 ,

Humor and witty

Alison Pace is an author known for her “dog lit” books, but for many years she has a been a dog lover without a dog. She grew up with numerous dogs of many shapes and sizes always being a huge part of her family. You Tell Your Dog First is a story of how a dog person without a dog completes her life by finding the perfect dog for her.

Alison writes a series of short stories or essays in her book You Tell Your Dog First of living a dogless life. Living in New York it is not easy to find a dog friendly apartment, but she proves if you want it bad enough you can make it happen. Myself, not being a dog person, rolled my eyes and sighed a few times at some of the extremes, like arranging her schedule so Carly would be at he dog park at the right time meet her “friends” or going to a therapist because Carly liked to go. But again I am not a dog person, but I do rearrange my schedule and do things just cause of my kids so I could easily relate.

I enjoyed that this was a dogs story, but also the owners story. Her struggles with places to live, where to work, if the works she was doing is what she should be doing, and of course the trials that come with dating and finding Mr. Right. Many times I could relate and sympathize with Alison.

Alison’s writing is wonderful. Wisdom and humor are so easy to enjoy and read. You can truly feel Alison’s joy in finding her dog mate. You Tell Your Dog First is a quick read that any dog lover should definitely check out.

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