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Glenn Armstrong, ‘The Millionaire Maker’, is probably the only man in the UK who has helped 71 people (and counting) become property millionaires through his tried and tested strategy developed over the past decade. Glenn’s desire to share his success and create a legion of potential property competitors is both unusual and impressive. Glenn Armstrong guides his mentees through a specific programme that helps them go from £0 to hundreds of thousands, and then to become a millionaire in five years...

You don’t need to be rich to become a property millionaire!

Glenn Armstrong is a self-taught property guru, and succeeding through his own mistakes has helped him identify what works and what doesn't when it comes to the property business. Incredibly, he's happy to share these secrets to success with anyone who will listen, pay attention, and work hard. Glenn's love of teaching is clear, and he writes as he talks - without pretension or smarm. He is no-nonsense and straight to the point. Glenn's new book – You Too Can Become A Property Millionaire - is just one more piece in his legacy jigsaw. He wants to share all he has learned and pass it on to the property investors and developers of the future.

His new book is packed full of incredible pearls of wisdom for any budding entrepreneur - not just for those interested in property. Glenn shares inspiring stories about his entrepreneurial career over the decades, from setting up a video rental empire in his 20s to becoming a cabbie after he lost his first million and rather than ‘just’ waiting for the work to come to him, he put in an extra 30 hours per week to buy a car to hire out to fellow cabbies on an ingenious rent-to-buy scheme. Glenn offers time management tips, motivation, and ideas for success that are applicable for all entrepreneurs. He is really open about what has worked for him, as well as the hurdles he’s had to jump over. Never settling for the status quo, Glenn always seeks to be more creative and innovative, to earn more, succeed, thrive and not just survive in business. Glenn Armstrong is a brilliant example of how anyone with drive, motivation and who is fearless of proper hard graft, can succeed in today's competitive business world! 

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July 2
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