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Five Double Penetration Erotica Stories

The Double Penetration Collection Volume Four

Double penetration…the very thought was unthinkable just a few decades ago and now it’s one of the biggest fantasies for women! If you’ve ever wondered, you’re sure to enjoy this collection filled with lovely ladies experiencing the very definition of “filled” as they experience anal sex while they’re already filled from the front. Each bundle of five stories is sure to please!

In this volume, it’s time for the slut wives! Five tales of husbands sharing their wives with their friends, and in some cases lots of friends at the same time! Get in on the fun… well, if you can handle one below and one behind!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various double penetration encounters. It includes rough double penetration, double penetration during first anal sex, stranger double penetration, wife double penetration, and more.

1. DEIRDRE’S FIRST DOUBLE PENETRATION: The Slut Wife’s Husband Shares Her with His Friend (An Erotica Story) by Erika Hardwick

Deirdre is a perfect example of a slut wife, but she hasn’t yet had the opportunity to prove it yet. She spends long hours with her vibrator imagining sleeping with different men. Don’t think she’s unfaithful, she loves her husband, but some women need more. The good news for her is that her man is perfectly willing to give more. In fact, he’s willing to get right into a wife share with his best friend, and Deirdre is in for a big treat, an MMF threesome sex experience complete with double penetration.

2. HONEY, DO YOU MIND? (A Slut Wife Gets Gang Banged) by Julie Bosso

Winston never, ever loses at his weekly poker games, so Linda isn’t all that worried after she agrees to be a tournament prize, but a lucky hand suddenly puts her right in the center of seven horny men! Every one of them is ready for action, and Linda will have to give up every hole to satisfy them, and that includes a rough first anal sex experience! With the rough oral sex, rough sex, and double penetration to follow, Linda will learn all about the importance of paying her markers!

3. KOREAN POKER (A Very Rough Asian Sex G******g Short) by Stacy Reinhardt

She’s always had to deal with the trouble her gambler boyfriend creates, and now she’s in for it big time. Lonnie’s put up his Korean beauty as part of a poker bet, and when the chips are down, she’s going down as well. A shocking g******g with interracial sex, rough oral sex, rough first anal sex, and double penetration ensues. This Asian sex short by Stacy Reinhardt pushes all the right buttons and adds a few extra for good measure.

4. MAKING UP FOR THE AFFAIR (Giving My Husband and His Friends Every Hole) A Very Rough G******g Story with Rough First Anal Sex and Double Penetration by Veronica Halstead

I didn’t even like the guy I had an affair with, and when my husband didn’t divorce me I determined I would do everything I could to make him the happiest husband on Earth. I thought things were getting better but he had plans. He figured if I could give my body to a jerk from work, he could give it to his friends! Before I knew it, I was in the middle of a rough g******g, and Dave and his friend’s took everything they wanted. That meant my first anal sex while I was already on top of Dave! Double penetration? I never would have expected it and it was rough as hell.

5. WIFE SHARE IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS (Wife Share at a Lake – Episode 9) by Cindy Jameson

Sarah Greggor is back with another one of her incredible guests. This time, her wildly popular Wife Swap Chronicles radio show features Alice, and she tells all about the wife share her husband arranged with his friend, complete with outdoor sex, deep throat, and plenty of hard, hard wife f*****g! It’s a wife swap adventure that heats up the radio waves and the ebook screens!

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October 9
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