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Pizza For Thanksgiving
Mack and Enzo are roommates and nothing more. While sharing the same apartment, they live separate lives. Enzo is sweet but painfully shy. Mack is gruff and kind of intimidating. He's had a hard life and doesn't let his guard down easily.
Now Mack is anticipating a lonely Thanksgiving dinner, but Enzo won't let that happen. When he hears that Mack is going to be all alone for Thanksgiving, he gets up the courage to make him an offer. But things don't go as planned in more ways than one.
With the best of intentions, Enzo has woken up something in Mack that he might not be ready for. Can Mack stop hiding and holding back? When Enzo asks for too much from him, can he say yes anyway?

A Midnight Thanksgiving
Alex and Vaughn have been frenemies for a while, but they never spent any time alone together. That all changes on Thanksgiving night. When they become concerned about a friend in crisis, Alex and Vaughn are thrown together as they go in search of him.
The guys make an unlikely team. Alex thinks Vaughn is too uptight and would never be interested in a carefree guy like him. Vaughn thinks Alex is irresponsible, but being around him breaks down his resistance. The more time they spend together, the closer they get. By the end of the night, they can't keep their hands off each other. But will they admit how they really feel or will it all be over when their mission ends?

Trapped For Thanksgiving
Longing looks, one kiss and one dance are all Snyder and Joel have ever shared, but that's about to change.
As Thanksgiving looms, Snyder is still brooding over a bad ex. He isn't looking forward to the holidays, but Joel is just the man to cheer him up.
The fun, easygoing Joel wants more than to improve Snyder's mood though. They might be opposites, but Joel wants the smart, sexy Snyder for himself even if he is a little too serious.
With the two of them stuck in a mountain cabin alone together, Joel could finally get his chance. If he can draw out the introverted Snyder, it might end up being a happy Thanksgiving just for two.

Fiction & Literature
October 31
Trina Solet
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