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Four years ago, after much pushing and persuading from the young people that I refer to as my spiritual sons and daughters, the 40 young leaders (all under the age of 40) I mentor from around the globe, finally forced me to join the world of social media. 

I was nervous and somewhat apprehensive at first, but with time, I gained a level of ease and began to compose my ideas in concise statements.  I designed my statements to communicate leadership tools and life techniques mostly to the young leaders I was mentoring – most of them being Christian preachers, but some of them being business and political leaders from around the globe.  

I called it "Dear #youngpreacher" and began to share the thoughts I wished someone had told me when I first started preaching as a boy, and later needed when I was leading groups as a young man.  I incorporated the wisdom I gleaned from the many master preachers and accomplished leaders I have worked with or interviewed over the years.  I also mixed in the insights garnered from the current crop of young preachers I know; many of whom are emerging as the top thought leaders of the millennial pulpit.  I bound these thoughts into "tweets," and from my mobile device sent them around the world.  

Like wildfire, the tweets began to spread; answering, in a small way, the massive need for mentoring of both young preachers and young leaders.  

As we analyzed the early data, to our surprise, we observed that millions of people were viewing this material, and they weren’t all preachers.  Other young leaders were benefiting by listening in on our "shop-talk" and the hashtag was gaining headway on its own.  Hundreds of people began to both write me and tell me to, please elaborate more on these tweets.  To release myself from the handcuffs of 140 characters and really drill down on these concepts in detail and example, they urged me to see my tweets as modern-day proverbs for their generation and to actually give these tweets and their generation the attention they deserved. 

From these many requests was born this 30-Day Devotional.  Stylized as modern-day proverbs and presented in categories to maximize their application, these tweets are designed to bless the life of the reader and to enhance their daily devotions. 

I have laced these proverbs with strong Biblical references and my personal stories to enhance their relevance, and I am confident that this book will be a real blessing to your life. 

I believe in you! 

Dr. Chris Hill

Denver Colorado, USA

Religion & Spirituality
February 9
Hill Communications Group
Hill Communications Group

Customer Reviews

Jpotters ,


If you're involved with any type of ministry this book is for you!

Larrese ,

So Relevant

I started preaching at 17 and now I'm 23 and could see myself all throughout this book. It was so accurate and on point for a young preacher. The tweetable task were definitely a great way to add life application. The only constructive feedback I'd offer would be that some chapters over did it withe preacher cliches. It would have been nicer for those statement to be given more clarity with a sentence to follow.

Pastor Marlando ,

Best Every

Young Preacher is by far the best book advise and insight for young preachers. You cannot put a price tag on the information in this book. I wish I knew this stuff 18 years ago when I started out in the ministry.

If you desire to fulfill the destiny that God has for you I highly recommend this book. It it will change your outlook and perspective on life and ministry.

Pastor Marlando Jordan
Kennewick, WA

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