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Your Australia Itinerary is a thorough guide book for travelling to Australia on your own. Either as a solo traveller or with a travel companion, this book shows you how to choose travel destinations and the most cost-effective ways of travelling around Australia, in the time you have. The book provides you with all travel planning elements to crafting the perfect Australia Itinerary to match your travel style and needs. It includes five detailed travel itineraries, over 36 customisation options, 11 interactive maps, various checklists, Quiz and Q&A, a 2-page resources list for each route with links to websites. From iconic attractions to off-the-beaten-path destinations, from road trips to rail journeys, the book is filled first-hand tips from the author’s personal experience. This book is everything a first-time traveller needs to travel Australia with confidence. At the same time will help you save hours of online searching and take you off all the work of planning a trip to Australia.

Travel & Adventure
July 13
Michela Fantinel
Michela Fantinel

Customer Reviews

Nancie814 ,

I’m Ready for an Australian Adventure!

Australia has always been a dream destination for me. I am also more frequently than not, a solo female traveller. After reading “Your Australia Itinerary”, I feel comfortable and knowledgable with planning my trip. The author highlights the places so many of us want to visit and gives great insightful advice. Each itinerary suggested is packed full of information, links, a place to customize your trip, a photo gallery and even a quiz. Full of first hand experience tips, the author has presented an amazingly thorough guide for any traveller, male or female, to plan an Australian adventure! This guide is a must for anyone traveling or even thinking about traveling to the Land Downunder! - Nancie Clark

MSFlI876 ,

Organized and Detailed without being Complicated

I found this Australia travel guide by Michela Fantinel to be not only well-organized but thorough. Having never been to Australia, I like this guide with several suggested itineraries which would made travel planning much less overwhelming.

It is apparent that the author has traveled all over he country in order to include such insider tips as to length of time needed in various locations. I also thought that the suggestions based on personal interests, such as beaches, nature, landmarks, etc. were invaluable.

The numerous links for more resources are helpful, as well as the author's offer for a personal travel consultation.

I would highly recommend this guide to anyone traveling to Australia!
~ Margie Miklas