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Do you want to know how to achieve your first million dollars 20 times faster? As a CEO and entrepreneur committed to accelerating your business to the million-dollar mark within 24 months—a quantified 20-year quantum leap—it starts with you truly understanding what it is you want.

Seven Practices That Will Accelerate Your Leadership and Business 20x

1. Design Your Future. What do you really want? Clarity is the key to becoming an effective architect of the future.

2. Qualities That Help You Get There. Energy mastery, emotional mastery, relationship mastery, time mastery, mission mastery, financial mastery, and celebration mastery.

3. The CEO Triangle™. We must learn as CEOs to become guardian of the mood and architect of the future as we do better and better integrating and coordinating the efforts of people, processes, and systems. 

4. The C3 Method™. Clarity, Courage, and Commitment. They’re literally an invitation to reflect more, risk more, and do more.

5. Time Mastery. At the end of the day, there are only two ways to excel in business: right strategy and personal effectiveness. 

6. My Effectiveness Matrix™.  The right question can really focus your mind on what’s important in your business and reveal answers that can lead to total transformation, effectiveness and profits.

7. Conduct a Change Audit. We do not have the luxury of learning at the pace of our own experience. The willingness to change plays a huge role in your ability to succeed.

These seven practices will show up over and over as you begin to learn from, examine and study the successful millionaires and billionaires of our age. Take these practices. Apply them. Start using these seven practices today. Today! Now is your time! You are destined to make and reach millions!

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October 30
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