Your Inner Strength

Take Control Over Your Life

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Publisher Description

I wrote this book to share my life lessons, experiences, thoughts and I’ve extracted the essentials of my theoretical and practical knowledge, plus the knowledge of others much wiser than me, who are now long gone, but who served as a great source of inspiration.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of people and by talking to each and every one of them during my life coaching and psychotherapy sessions, I was able to identify their most frequent burning issues. By asking insightful questions, I managed to help them look honestly within themselves and find the right answers, I guided and supported them along their journey.

Just as my clients told me that they've learned a lot from me, so too I learned a lot from them. The teachings of this book are not based solely on my personal experience, but the life experiences of hundreds of people with whom I individually worked.

The purpose of this book is to help you become aware of and access your inner power and also to teach you how to use it wisely. To look at your issues/questions from various angles and, maybe just for a moment, from a perspective that will allow you to discover alternative, more simple answers to all.

That is actually part of my mission: to help people become aware of their inner power so that they can start using it for their greatest state of mind.

 Often we forget how wonderful we are and how many resources we have within us. We get carried by life, and we live under the impression that things simply happen, without us having any implication. We feel helpless and powerless — we can’t access the power to create and transform our life so that it’s perfectly in tune with our dreams and goals, the power to overcome obstacles and suffering, the power to take charge of our destiny.

I’m here to tell you that your destiny is in your hands. It depends entirely on your thoughts and feelings. Life doesn’t just happen, life follows us. Whether we realize it or not, all the experiences that we go through are the result of how we think or feel. The life that we live is our a personal creation. Precisely for this reason, one of the foundations of my philosophy is that each and every one of us is responsible for his own experiences.

Our life is a perfect reflection of our inner selves. If we are balanced and serene on the inside, the exterior simply cannot be dark and gloomy. The way we are on the inside depends on our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. If we do not take control over our mind and emotions, they will eventually control us and our state of mind will become an automatic process, instead of a deliberately assumed act. By being unaware of the impact we have on our lives, we let luck or misfortune control ourselves, thus becoming unable to change anything.

My philosophy and also the lifestyle that I promote rely on the following beliefs:

- Each and every one of us is 100% responsible for his life.

- The way we think directly influences our health and our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our thoughts determine our emotions and, if we're not emotionally well, all we have to do is replace our thoughts with more positive or neutral ones, by becoming aware of our inner dialogue.

- Our exterior reflects the interior — this is the reason why changing our thoughts will transform our life.

All of us attract in our lives precisely what we are.

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April 1
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Ursula Yvonne Sandner

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