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*This is a standalone second-chance romance*

She’s the one who got away. This time, he refuses to let her slip through his fingers.

Daniel Bennett has no regrets, except one: letting go of the woman he loved years ago. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he’s been pining for Caroline ever since. But his meddling family can read him like an open book. So when his sisters kick up their matchmaking shenanigans, Daniel decides to play right along. After all, he built his booming adventure business by making the most out of every opportunity. And he doesn’t intend to miss an opportunity to be near Caroline. 

Caroline Dunne knows better than to fall for Daniel again. But his seductive charm melts her determination to keep her heart in check. Even with their lives going in separate directions, neither can ignore the magnetic pull between them.  

But will they find the second chance they've both wanted all along? 

*Contains mature themes. Suitable for readers 18+

November 1
Layla hagen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

pbhakta17 ,


I loved Your One True Love!❤️ It’s such a great read! I preordered it and started reading it as soon as it went live! And now I’m already done with it! Daniel and Caroline are meant for each other. The time they spent apart brought them even more close to each other. I loved seeing them slowly finding their way back to each other. And I loved Jenna’s advice to them! It was so pure and beautiful. Your One True Love is my favorite from all the books in the series! And I can’t wait to read Summer’s story, even though I’m sad it’ll be the last one😪

Crystal Singer ,


I'm honestly not sure how Layla can deliver perfection every single time she writes about a Bennett family member, but dang she does! Second chance love stories are one of my favorites and Daniel and Caroline are so perfect. I love the fact that their story (along with all the others) have very little drama and so much love, affection, swoon-worthy moments, laughter and family. It just makes them so easy to sit down and read. The perfect addition to a wonderful series!!!!

Happy reading!

BGreads ,

Brilliant read!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review of this book.

One True Love is Daniel and Caroline’s story, and it’s a beautiful second chance love story.

For anyone new to this author, who has found this particular book, while it definitely can be read as a stand alone it is part of a larger series of books that follow the nine Bennett siblings. Nine. Three sisters, six brothers, including two sets of twins. This is the eighth in the series focused on Daniel Bennett who is Blake Bennett’s twin. For all of us who’ve read the previous books, we get some updates about the other characters we’ve come to know and love in this book, as well as some time with the one remaining unmarried Bennett, Summer.

I have to admit I wondered how Hagen would manage to sustain the series. Authors writing books about a set of children often stop around five or six, and so this is at least a third longer. I wondered how Hagen would make the plot different and special, but once again she has more than succeeded. This is a tender and hot, thoughtful and sexy, romance.

Daniel and Caroline dated when they were younger, but the broke up. We soon learn, however, that both of them have strong feelings for the other. Feelings that come to the surface when they reconnected some years later. It’s a moving plot in which both of the characters have to deal with things that have shaped their lives since they broke up with each other, sharing them and learning to cope with the consequences as they grow steadily closer.

Like many romances, it has a happy ever after (HEA), but the way that that plays out really made me smile. The way that the characters go about their HEA made me smile and laugh. Although Hagen doesn’t give us too much detail, I couldn’t help thinking that the rest of the Bennett’s might be disappointed, especially perhaps the sisters. It was fun to have that moment in my mind.

Hagen’s books are lovely to read and this is no exception.

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