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Do you have an endless desire to know what exists beyond the horizon, over the mountains, and down the river?

The call to explore endlessly haunts many who dare to dream. If you are ready to go beyond the fleeting daydreams and start making these wishes a reality, this is the book to not only inspire you but to prepare you for the exciting journey ahead.

Itchy-feet or wanderlust, whatever you want to call it, the desire to explore beckons many to leave behind pointless jobs that go nowhere to feel fresh air on their faces while witnessing incredible vistas, and all of nature’s awesomeness.

It is possible to leave the mundane behind and live an extraordinary life filled with a wealth of experience, whether you are a single woman, a dude who wants to give his dog (or chicken) a cool adventure, or a couple ready to hit the open road to test the strength of your relationship. Your Open Road Adventures book will help you do it. If you still have itchy-feet while you are on your adventure … well, then you may want to get your feet looked at by a doctor.

In this impressive book, you’ll find lists for items to include in your adventure travel kit including:

- What to look for in and on a vehicle used for extended travel
- Itemized first aid supplies (You will need them)
- What you need to know for vehicle maintenance
- Items for your travel kitchen pantry (Food!)
- How to car camp safely (and have fun too as long as you avoid bears)
- How to travel with pets (and keep them from becoming bear food)
- Ways to earn money while on the road
- And more!

Whether you want to roam across the USA, North America, or around the world, you’ll find essential tips to keep you safe, fed, and prepared without the dull textbook qualities of other travel books on the market.

Written by two road explorers who have driven over 100,000 miles over the last four years, their adventures, misadventures, and obstacles will inform as well as feed and torment your adventure travel bug. With experience traveling in a sailboat, on foot, van, motorcycles, Jeep, Land Cruiser with a rooftop tent, and offroad truck camper, they provide a variety of insights on the many ways and options you can head out, all without the need for millions of dollars in the bank or the need to spend thousands to even get started.

Pick up a copy today and start preparing for your life on the road!

Sports & Outdoors
January 10
Autumn M. Birt
Smashwords, Inc.

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