Your Personal Truth: A Journey to Discover Your Truth, Become Your True Self, & Live Your Truth

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Discover Your Truths & Fulfill Your Dreams

If you have ever doubted yourself, your life's path, beliefs, or questioned what is True, prepare to illuminate the path to Your Personal Truth. This is the best path. It is the one you are called for and that you must go on, or you will be left feeling unfulfilled, as if you missed out on something essential from life.

We all have our unique journey to live, and nothing is more worthy than pursuing this path for yourself.

The point of this book is not to impose any particular beliefs, ideas, philosophies, or Truths on you. Instead, the focus is on helping you find your truth in a way that allows you to achieve your dreams and goals.

Can you think of something that you know to be True without any doubt?

When you know something to be True, it becomes a deep part of your life, and you know it to be true with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experience, logic, and intuition, then you can get to a point where no one can take this Truth away from you.

The only one who can release yourself from an old Truth that is no longer working and replace it with a new and more valid one is yourself.

With Your Personal Truth, you can regain control of your life's direction and take the power you have always had but perhaps never realized, which is the power to determine what is true for you and what is not.

Ultimately, Truth is a journey, not a destination. When you choose to walk this path, you will unlock deeper parts of yourself, discover your highest ideals and values, find purpose, and live by your truth with every thought and action.

Internationally bestselling author I. C. Robledo discovered that his path was to seek Truth at 16 years of age. Since then, he has been searching for truth, and now he wishes to teach you how to discover Your Personal Truth. This endeavor has led to meaning, a transcendent level of awareness and understanding, self-knowledge, and the ability to focus on worthy paths and avoid false ones.

Inside, you will learn to:

- Discover your truths, rather than waiting for someone to give them to you, which would be a mistake

- Identify critical values that are worth living by (with a list of 100 values to consider)

- Unlock the deepest parts of yourself by remembering, uncovering, recovering, discovering, and creating yourself

- See that there are infinite truths in the universe, and we must choose the ones that work for us

- Communicate with a version of yourself that is 20-30 years older (via an imaginative exercise) to help unlock your best life path

- Perceive a scale of lies, and see that some lies are worse than others

- Test your truths to see which ones are valid and which ones were just faulty assumptions

- Move toward the paths that lead to confidence, awareness, happiness, and growth, and move away from the paths that lead to negativity, pain, and feelings of being lost.

This book is a one-of-a-kind practical resource for better living. At the end of every chapter, you will find key questions and an activity to ensure that you benefit from the lessons.

Learn to live by your Truth and become the best version of yourself with Your Personal Truth.

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July 7
I. C. Robledo
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