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Your True Order

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Life can be unpredictable.  You cannot control what happens but you can get organized for whatever does. 

The Your True Order is a guide to gathering, organizing and storing your personal records. This guide offers effective strategies, practical solutions, and organized long-term result to store and decrypt your personal and financial decisions, should others need access to your vital information.

The process of identifying what important personal information and documents you need to gather, and knowing how to organize it may be overwhelming, daunting, and boring. This is where Your True Order can be invaluable to you. 

The Your True Order Guide (YTO), Workbook and Checklist will ease the process for you.  The three-prong approach will help you acknowledge, assemble and provide access into your universe.  How it works:

The YTO Guide will help you to identify and gather your essential information from a personal, legal and financial perspective.

The YTO Workbook is easy to follow and complete. The workbook is designed to help you to organize your personal information.

The YTO Checklist is a record locator.It is a convenient way to reference and safely access all your critical documents. The checklist includes a Quick Pin list, a Quick Password List, an Inventory Quick List and a Security Password Question Check List.

Anyone can benefit from Your True Order.  If you are young, older, single, married, a parent or caretaker, in the military, have property, own your own business — or you know, breathe.

It is important to prepare yourself and your loved ones for later.  Providing timely information to your family and advisors will help facilitate their decisions when the unexpected happens.

I encourage you to be good to yourself and those who love you by investing the time to find and create Your True Order.

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November 17
O Escobar
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