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Your Ultimate Palm Tree Handbook is a must have for anyone having these tropical delights in their homes or landscapes.
Easy to read, comprehensive and full of photos.
This informative guide book is full of descriptions, growing instructions and color pictures for all the most popular palms used in landscaping your yard or in decorating your home or patio. Now it's super convenient to have the answers to all your questions at your fingertips. Increase your knowledge to create your own paradise with palms by learning:

* all the types of trees, broken down into defining categories like mature size, cold hardiness, etc
* how much, where and when to fertilize
* which ones are best indoors or in containers
* how to start palm trees from seed
* the best places to display them in your yard
* planting tips
* and much more!

A detailed alphabetical listing of palm trees using their common names is an easy reference guide to follow. Each listing includes photos and specific growing instructions for each of the most fashionable varieties that are the easiest to find.

Just Starting Out?
Your Ultimate Palm Tree Handbook is perfect for the beginning gardener just starting out. Inside there are specific explanations:

* that include planting- both field grown and potted palms
* of outdoor plant hardiness and growth zone maps
* how to read the fertilizer bag, what the numbers mean, which ones are best
* of palms listed by common names, but scientific names are included for reference
* with landscape placement ideas
* of diagnosing potential problems, and much more.
Your Guide to Palm Tree Health
Does your tree look healthy? Not sure what's wrong?
We have the solution!
You'll learn:
1. What insects could be making a home of your palm, plus how to eliminate them
2. How to diagnose a possible mineral deficiency, what each one looks like and how to treat
3. About the different diseases that could be infecting your tree and the best therapies for each one.
Each section includes photos and descriptions of what to look for and exactly what you can do to bring your pride and joy back to the glorious tree it should be.

Already Have Palms?
Already have a palm tree in your yard? Not sure what kind it is?
Educate yourself in the section on identification. It breaks down all the specific areas of the tree to look at when trying to determine the species.
Knowing the correct species will help you to provide the proper nutritional and growing conditions that will allow your palm to thrive.
Creating and maintaining your own "Paradise with Palms" couldn't be easier.
Your tropical oasis awaits. Transform your landscape today!

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June 9
Darla Wotherspoon
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