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Now in paperback: The New York Times bestselling author and star of A&E?s reality series Big Spender, Larry Winget, cleans up America?s personal finance crisis

More than 40 percent of families today are feeling financial pressure: spending more than they earn, and worrying about retiring and being dependent on the government, family, or charity. Larry Winget knows. He grew up poor, then made and lost a fortune when a business in which he?d invested went bankrupt. But he worked his way back from rock bottom to become a multimillionaire.

In You?re Broke Because You Want to Be, Winget expands on the ideas that have made his popular television show Big Spender a hit and offers straightforward talk about coming to grips with your finances, such as:

· Feel bad. Have remorse. You need to feel deep emotion to take action. So start crying and take responsibility.
· Figure out who you owe and how much you owe. It?ll be a scary number to face, but you need to know where you are and what you have.
· ?People are stupid, lazy, or they don?t give a damn.? You already know you need to do something; Larry will help you finally do something.
· Are you more interested in looking cool and being cute or providing a financially secure future for your family? How you spend your money will tell you that. With a boot-camp regimen that is steeped in personal accountability, Winget cuts through the double-talk contained in most finance books and presents a simple, guided program that is sure to motivate anyone out of their money problems.

Business & Personal Finance
December 27
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

JimmyT09 ,

You're broke because you want to be

I love Larry's no nonsense approach.

Btmixon ,

Great book

Straight and to the point. Exactly what you would expect from Larry.

Sheemsheem ,

You're broke cause you want to be

I have always brought books and never finish reading them. The first book I completed was you are an idiot and I can prove it. I was so excited that made a decision to complete things...life has just begun for me. Now between the two books I read within one week...yes one week...I'm so excited. I completed my budget and now I'm setting my goals because I want to get better at my business as well as my finances. My goal now is to pay off my mortgage in fifteen years. Now I don't watch t.v like I use. I'm a better planner and also monitor my spending habits. These books made me get back on track not only helping myself, but also helping others. I highly recommend these books.

If you expect change you have to be willing to accept change!

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