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First love gets a second chance...

Norwegian-born professional hockey player Zaan Hagen has only ever loved two things: Hockey and Lexi. He never imagined he’d have to choose, until he was forced to let her go.

After beating breast cancer at sixteen, Lexi Rousseau vowed to live her life with no regrets. When her singing career took off with one of the hottest pop groups in the world, her dream came true— but it cost her the only man she ever loved.

When an unexpected turn of events brings them back together, Zaan and Lexi will have to learn to balance their demanding careers and irrefutable desires before history starts repeating itself. Have they finally figured out how to play the game without losing everything?

June 9
Kat Mizera
Katherine Mizera

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easwain ,

Zaan & Lexi Story was a long time coming and complete perfection! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read

Zaan & Lexi Story was a long time coming and complete perfection! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read

I have been awaiting this book what seems like forever! We have had tidbits and a sweet starter story to their start as a couple falling in love with each other. These two characters have been there for each other at a very young age. They have grown into their relationship but most importantly their love is deep. I cried and laughed, while falling in love myself. I really enjoyed seeing them rekindle what they had and start over to have a beautiful lasting love! Zaan & Lexi are one of my favorite couples that Kat Mizera has written. Strong couple to start the Sidewinders Generations series!

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for a beautiful love!

For all the Sidewinders Fans... there is plenty of the characters from the first series so you don’t miss them too much... it’s just enough to keep you happy. I personally loved how Zaan went back to get advice from Jamie, Toli and the owner as well as other friends on the team. Great tie in to extend the team brand as a whole!

charlligirl ,

Could this work?

*** 4.5 Stars ***

At first I was like a hockey player and a touring musician. This won't work. But amazingly it was like real life. Yeah, there were road trips and tours and yada yada yada. But it was the everyday issues that got them. The lack of communication. The need to be independent. The need to take care of things. The exhaustion. These are everyday life issues no matter who you are. Did they handle them the right way? Probably not, but then who does.

All in all, I was drawn into this book. I mean, the jock and the diva became real people. Real lives. Real problems. And of course a happily ever after.

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