Za'nar: Impossibility

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Magic is a science, and YOU can learn how to master it! Join Sael Ageis, a brazen young woman from a planetary system 30,000 light-years away, and Klyde Vance, an Earth-born college student with a tendency to daydream, on an adventure through the interplanetary landscape of Za’nar!

What begins as a voluntary alien abduction to be an arena combat partner becomes a journey filled with fast-paced fights, fantastical elemental spells and fearsome monsters. Klyde, despite always wishing the commonplace impossibilities in video games and science fiction were real, isn’t able to believe Sael when she tells him she’s from another world–until she accidentally renders him unconscious with Magic while trying to prove it!

And while there’s ancient secrets to uncover and battles to be survived, there’s also complex characters to meet and a vast world to explore in this Urban Fantasy / Sci-Fi Hybrid. From the ever-exuberant Fae’s struggle to control her darkness of depression, to the newly established planetary-spanning parliamentary monarchy being challenged, to booming advancements in Magical study changing everything from transportation to entertainment, no sacrifice is made between the literary and the sensational. In this chronicle of Sael and Klyde’s adventure through Za’nar, the people and universe are as intricate as the Magical theories and descriptions of combat.

Flash back three million years, and the planetary system of Za’nar’s connection to the Void Plane was failing. Without a connection to the Void Plane, there’s no energy of Magic, and without Void Energy, a place cannot exist. To save Za’nar from destruction, a Magical Link was forged between Za’nar and Earth, sharing their connection to the Void Plane and tying their destinies together.

Back in the present day, one year after a spontaneous uprising of monstrous creatures throughout Za’nar, in an event simply dubbed “the War,” Earth is in trouble. War-decorated Magi Sael Ageis meets Klyde Vance while on Earth finishing an investigative assignment into the cause of the War, and though the investigation is a dead-end, the two dredge up a conflict forgotten by time.

From author and King of the Nerds Season 2 contestant Zack Storch.

Young Adult
January 14
Zachary Storch
Zachary Storch
Grades 7-17

Customer Reviews

Kapria Tea ,

I just love this book!

I love AQWorlds! It's my most favorite computer game, other than Town Of Salem and Battle Party

Puzzlemom77 ,

Extremely Amazing!

This book is great and unbelievably awesome. I never thought I could find a book that uses, to such a great effect, what I enjoy most in reading. This is definitely a must read if you like fantasy or intergalactic travel.

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