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Going home wasn’t part of his plan …

Agreeing to travel home to Maine to hunt down Ketch, a K9 dog the system had lost track of, wasn’t an easy decision for Zane. It meant facing his drunk of a father, his cold older brother and, worst of all, Holly, his kid brother’s widow—who used to be his girlfriend.

Finding Ketch looked to be the easiest part of this dysfunctional homecoming. Only he wasn’t the only one hunting Ketch.

Holly has been through a whirlwind of emotions in the last few years. But the good thing in all of this was the hope that Zane would finally come home again. They had a history to clear up and a future to forge … she hoped.

A call for help brings the injured shepherd to Holly’s doorstep, plus a hunter looking to finish what he started. All thoughts of a future with Zane are threatened now and forever as the hunter decides two-legged prey are just as good as four-legged ones.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 10
Valley Publishing, Ltd
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

D. Mama ,

Very good, but very sad

I was kindly provided this book as an ARC; in exchange for my honest review. This is book 3 of 6 (so far) in The K9 Files series. This book centers around Zane and Holly.

Zane is not a former military K9 handler like the previous “dog rescuers;” but, he is 1 year out of the Navy; after a medical discharge. He has a strong affinity for animals and is now tasked by Titanium Security (see SEALs Of Steel series) to locate/rescue one of a about 10 of the original 12 dogs potentially in trouble that had gone missing or were in bad situations. The dog assigned to Zane to follow up on is Katch, a PTSD, medically retired military K9.

Zane was convinced (forced) to go home to Maine to hunt down Katch, a K9 dog the Military had lost track of. Going home wasn’t an easy decision for Zane. It meant facing his dysfunctional family “demons.” Finding Katch seemed like the easiest part of his homecoming. Sad part was, Zane wasn’t the only one “hunting” Katch.

Holly has had a rough few years. But, she held hope that Zane would come home again so they could work things out. The missing dog (Katch) has been shot and ends up in Holly’s vet clinic for recovery, where a hunter keeps trying to “finish” what he started.

Truthfully, this is just a sad, sad story. People hating an innocent K9 veteran and trying to kill the precious boy. Then a wounded guy who never resolves anything with his horrible family.. Just very sad. The story moves quickly, is well written and worth a few hours of your time. Again, it seems the author is moving more toward writing mystery/suspense rather than straight alpha type romance that this genre typically falls in. It’s still very good, but may not be what the reader is expecting.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Bun Brrabbid Lop ,


3 stars—held my interest. Did have different story from the previous 2 books in this K9 series. But, the flow was off...not smooth.
Maybe, due to a lot of baggage of the family— Zane, & his living brother, Butch, & his deceased one, Brody, and the dad. Just too much more going on —of the dog, Katch—War Dog. I did enjoy reading about him and others that are called Vets—because they served our country too.
Plus, the story had to include a veterinarian & clinic. 2 of each in this story....one was ex-girl friend. Intense at times. I feel the ending could have been better. 🐰🐰🐰

vlmckune ,

Zane by Dale Mayer

Another heartwarming story of saving a K9 military dog. They saved thousands of our soldiers lives often losing theirs.

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