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Most of us want to be enlightened, live a meaningful life and be loved by our family and friends. But humans are essentially alone in the world no matter how hard we try to connect. As human beings, ultimately we have to understand that we cannot depend on each other for validation or fulfillment, and we also have to admit that as an individual, one is alone fundamentally.

This book of 108 Adages of Wisdom has 16 chapters and is written by Venerable Sheng Yen. 

He will show us how to enjoy work, life and live  independently and harmoniously with nature. He will also show us how to live simply, with purpose in meaningful life, and discover the true source of happiness where could only start from self and within.  

Here is the list of 16 chapters

Ch 1. Becoming a Good Human Being

Ch 2. Enjoying Work

Ch 3. Living Peacefully and Calmly

Ch 4. Happiness in this World

Ch 5. Living a Life of Freedom

Ch 6. Living a Simple Life

Ch 7. May you have Good Luck and Good Fortune

Ch 8. Spiritual Development

Ch 9. Kind Behavior and Compassionate Vows

Ch 10. Wisdom of the World

Ch 11. Cultivating Gratitude and Blessings

Ch 12. Cultivating Virtues and Merits

Ch 13. The Environmental Protection of the Mind

Ch 14. Fulfilling Responsibilities

Ch 15. Wisdom and Compassion

Ch 16. Happiness and Blessings

Health, Mind & Body
February 22
Green Wisdom
Dawn Dale

Customer Reviews

Rae:)))))) ,

Simple, easy, effective

Words of wisdom that are simply put and easy to understand. Everyone will understand the short messages and be awakened slightly differently. They are great messages to keep coming back to in times of confusion or turmoil.

Ethdog214 ,

Life change

First I must say that this books description has one of the single greatest life lessons you could possibly learn, not to mention the section of the book where it talks about how to truly enjoy your life. This book instantly became one of my favorites and I know it will be yours to. I highly recommend!

Ourant ,

Lazy Delivery

The delivery of this book is bad. It’s not set up like most books available through the iBook store.

It’s cumbersome to navigate.

It’s too bad because I’m certain it’s full of useful wisdom; but, in its current format, it’s a missed opportunity.