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She opens a case she cannot close.

If he helps her solve it, he will die.

From USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson comes Binary Hackers, an inspirational Christian romantic suspense technothriller collection, featuring hackers and cybercrime specialists at Binary Systems, Inc. Binary Hackers begins with the trials and tribulations of Cayson Yang, the fearful leader of the struggling Binary Systems, Inc.

FBI Special Agent Stella Evans finds the last surviving computer consultant who holds the key to destroying a terrorist organization’s global network, but poor Cayson may not live long enough to dismantle the computer system.

The Chaos…

Computer network specialist Cayson Yang’s struggling network infrastructure company has received a rash of new clients lately, the total income of which finally puts Binary Systems, Inc., in the black for the first time ever.

He is now able to give pay raises to himself and his business partner and cousin, Leland Yang-Joule, and bonuses to his employees. Cayson dreams of a bigger office space for them all.

Somewhere between two dollars in his bank account and a two-million-dollar computer network contract, Cayson finds himself in the crosshairs of the world’s most notorious terrorist organization, now coming after him, his business partner, and his family.

Ignoring repeated warning lights might have been Cayson’s downfall, but it’s too late for him to backtrack now that his enemies have implanted a cybernetic kill switch in his head.

The Crime…

Assigned to the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force, FBI Special Agent Stella Evans finishes assisting her colleagues from the Counterterrorism Division to apprehend a notorious terrorist.

On trial in Europe for war crimes too numerous to list, Molyneux refuses to help the authorities dismantle her sophisticated international computer network. The only alternative is to find the architects of this network and hope they will cooperate.

Shutting down Molyneux’s underground computer network is the best way to destroy those mercenary terrorists for hire. However, the terrorist organization doesn’t want to be outdone. A successor is named, and they begin to kill off anyone who has worked on the underground network in the past.

The Crisis…

By the time Stella reaches the Binary Systems global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, most of the original computer specialists who worked for Molyneux are either dead or have disappeared—except their fearful leader, Cayson Yang, the final link, kept alive for reasons unknown.

Stella finds herself at a crossroad between duty and following Cayson and the cybernetic implants in his head. She stands to lose not only her carefully cultivated career but, more dangerously, her closely guarded heart as she decides what to do with the Pandora’s box she has opened…

Binary Hackers:

Book 1: Zero Sum
Book 2: Zero Day
Book 3: Zero Base

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June 21
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