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Zeb is held hostage in a Washington DC hotel. He's the next to be shot. And that's the beginning of his problems.

Zero is the eight thriller in the Warriors Series. Each novel can be read stand-alone.

Zero has Ty Patterson's trademark storytelling with epic twists, faster-than-a-speeding-bullet pace, and zero-to-thrills in a page flip.

If you like Lee Child, Vince Flynn and David Baldacci, you'll love Ty Patterson.

Fiction & Literature
March 30
Ty Patterson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Great book. Entertaining as always. Love all the team. Can't wait for next read.


Zero is when action explodes.

Terrorists have captured a high profile hotel in Washington D.C and have complete control over hundreds of hostages. They are experienced, efficient, ruthless, and are working to a plan; a plan that involves mass execution. The hostages include U.S. Special Forces operative Zeb Carter, who was dining in the hotel with friends when the terrorists attacked. Zeb is experienced, efficient, ruthless when he has to be, and has no plan. His goal is to survive; his Dying Can Be Fatal for the hostages because the killing is only the beginning.
What did I like? Well now how could any woman not fall in love with Zeb, I mean besides being ruggedly handsome he has this loyalty thing down pat. I know that if I could find a man that was that loyal I would never let him out of my sight. The next thing is his love and devotion to his country. This world needs more men like him and all of the members of the agency. Having grown up with all the men in my family including my own sons having been in the military, my love of the outdoors plus mine and my husband’s background in law enforcement, I totally get this whole series. I am also into computers and would absolutely love to have Werner as my buddy.
Now for this book! The first thing that I like about this series is family feeling that I get when I read and the relationships that have been built among the team. The way that they care for each other and the loving way that they work together even with the business that they are in and including Clare! I have read every book in the series and I look forward to the toys that the author comes up with, they are fascinating an even though some of them are way out there to some of us, they totally fit with the story line...
What are you going to like? Each book in the series can be read in any order although I highly recommend that you do them in order. The author has a unique way of catching you up on any background info that might be needed to keep you in the know without making it boring. You will love the fact that the whole teams believes in protecting women and children and you don't want to mess with that belief. A story line that is out there but will keep you glued till the end. Even with the out there... it is totally believable and so interesting. The thought and research that it takes to write a story like this shows in the details. Such as the fighting techniques, the training regimen that they put themselves through, the computer jargon, the country backgrounds and I could go on with many more items that show that this author has researched everything and tried to be as accurate as possible.. One of the moves that he has incorporated into how Zeb fights is the Jackie Chan moves. I love those movies; my sons use to tease me about it. You will love the humor and camaraderie between them even in the direst situations, throughout the books and yet there is an underlying sadness with each member. As the books go on you will see the friendships and loyalties that grow with each story. Each one builds and adds this interesting addition to the story line. You will hate all the bad guys and raise your fists high when the jobs are done! I received this book as a member of the launch team and everything said here is my own opinion.

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Once again Ty and Zeb take us on a marvelous mystery that is non stop action from start to finish. If you are reading this Warrior series you are missing a truly fabulous reading experience !

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