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The Zombie Plagues Three Is Here! The struggle to stay alive has leveled out. The Survivors have found their place in the wilderness and The Nation is growing. Life is good for those who are lucky enough to be there. But out in the real world it's a different story. The dead are taking over. The cities, the countryside, small towns and villages, everywhere the living go the dead are there. And they are not just there, they are in charge. Superior to the living. Infinitely more adaptable to the new world. Stronger, smarter, focused. Determined to make the world free of the living.

A supply trip with Mike, Ronnie and a few others turns into The Nations first real clash with the dead, resulting in death for some of The Nations own. They also meet a new group of survivors that will become their strongest allies in their fight against the undead. But there is little time to mourn that loss. The dead are pushing to take the rest of them, and it becomes a race to see who will make it back to the Nation alive.

This book also introduces the Zombie Killers. Join Bear, Cammy and Beth as they fight to keep the Nation safe. They are they first line of defense for The Nation. It is their job to make sure that The Nation stays safe, that the dead don't get near it.

They are also constantly on the lookout for supplies for The Nation. Gasoline, Diesel, Weapons, even the simple everyday things that can only be found out in what most of the others call the real world.
The things The Nation needs to continue its growth, prosper, live in peace in spite of the hold that the dead now have on the outside world.

Without them none of what they have would be possible.
Without Bear and Beth, the First Zombie killing team would never have been possible. When the council asked them to serve they jumped at the chance, and they have never looked back.
This book explores the origins of the Zombie Killers. Who they are. Where they came from. It also traces the beginnings of Donita, the Zombie queen. It finds her in life and follows her into death and beyond as she rises to power...

Fiction & Literature
September 14
IndependAntwriters Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Moragthegreen ,

Vast improvement, great series

I was critical of the first book for its lack of polish, desperate need for editing, grammatical issues and words that, well, just weren't right. (Note for the author: "opinioned" is not a word, "opined" is what you meant both times.)

But the story was compelling despite the stark wording that needed fleshing out and is still that now - with steady and much needed improvement delivered. Thought many parts read simplistic with awkward phrasing and clumsily redundant parts with just mere words separating them, the suspense crafted and the details offered leave you wanting more.

In fact, I just binge read books one through three in two days and bought four and five because, quite frankly, I know I need to see this through.

Mr. Dell , I hope you have more such Apocalyptic journeys to take us on.

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