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Zoraida Grey needs help. With the witchy Logan clan holding her best friend hostage in a haunted Scottish castle, she can’t trust anyone—certainly not beguiling but dangerous Shea Logan. And Al, her overprotective boyfriend, doesn’t believe in magic.

Only one creature strikes fear in the blackened hearts of the Logan witches. Trouble is Jock disappeared five centuries ago leaving a trail of destruction across the Gulf of Mexico. Now he’s stepped into a steaming pile of Voodoo.

Can Zoraida drag wayward Jock back to Scotland? And what’s she supposed to do with two men who promise completely different futures?

A Scottish wizard, stripped naked and painted blue—a Voodoo priestess bent on immortality—a yacht-load of Caribbean pirates. What can possibly go wrong?

August 1
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
The Wild Rose Press, Inc

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Magic + Exotic Location + Romance = A Fantastic Book!

I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review.

I absolutely loved the vivid setting, Zoraida's inner narrative, and the chemistry between Zoraida and Shea in this book! DuBois' description of the environment is amazingly detailed and immersive. The setting creates a perfect backdrop to the tension, magic, and mysticism that the plot contains. I could almost feel the heat and humidity of the jungle, and empathized when Zoraida felt shivery when magic was afoot because I felt it too! Zoraida's inner narrative is a dazzling combination of humorous self-deprecation, sarcasm, and wit. It's like Practical Magic, Charmed, and The Craft had a baby and named it "Zoraida Grey." She's still trying to wrap her mind around all of the magic she's learned and how powerful she's become; once she does, the results are going to be nothing short of epic. However, one of the issues that Zoraida has to overcome in order to achieve these epic heights is her heart; she has feelings for Al, but she's falling in love with Shea.

The book does end on a cliffhanger but, seriously, it's no surprise after what Zoraida went through to find Jock. Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen is a great second installment of what is swiftly becoming one of my favorite series. If you like magic, different locales, and romance, you don't want to miss out on Zoraida Grey!

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