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今の時代を捉えた新しいスタイルのブッククラブへようこそ。オプラ・ウィンフリーが選んだおすすめブックを紹介します。Apple Booksで読書をしたら、Apple TV+の『Oprah’s Book Club』で、著名な作家たちとの飾り気のない語り合いを、特等席で楽しみましょう。

This novel describes a time in U.S. history that few fiction writers have tried to piece together. My heart was in my throat as I watched brothers Prentiss and Landry emerge from the plantation after the Emancipation Proclamation and try to begin again. Nathan Harris puts us in the shoes of all the characters in the book. This is a suspenseful and entrancing read.”


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