Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides Box Set Collection 5: Beast Battalion Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides Box Set Collection 5: Beast Battalion

Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides Box Set Collection 5: Beast Battalion

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The Big Sky Intergalactic Dating Agency needs protection, and there are no fiercer hearts in the universe than your very own Beast Battalion!


A strange bargain…

Tyler Lang took the offer for a data-processing job in Sunset Falls, Montana, to escape a humiliating breakup. Mr. Evens' Odds & Ends Shop sounded like a great place to hide and focus solely (meaning ALONE) on her beloved numbers. Except she's constantly distracted by the looming presence of the shop's weirdly hot security guard. What kind of thrift store in the middle of nowhere needs protection? Not to mention a guard literally hot enough to make her computer smoke. These numbers just aren't adding up.

A secret task…

As captain of his banished beast battalion, Wyvryn Cross will take any job that keeps his fighters free from intergalactic incarceration. He'll even work for a devious Dirter who claims to be reopening a defunct Intergalactic Dating Agency outpost on Earth. Cross doesn't believe in a "universal mating algorithm"…until his smoldering gaze alights on the shy female who doesn't know anything about aliens on Earth and doesn't even realize she's writing a love code. Unfortunately, suddenly smoldering eyes are a bad sign in a Wyvryn.

A last chance…

They should just do their jobs and go their separate ways, but when a mysterious saboteur tries to shut down the Intergalactic Dating Agency before it opens, Tyler and Cross must work together to perfect her code. Even if that demands some hot kisses under the bright Montana stars.


She doesn't believe in alien life on Earth…

Brin Andersen is a hoax buster on a quest to reveal the most ridiculous hoax ever: the rumor of an extraterrestrial dating service in some tiny Montana town. But after her production equipment is stolen, she's stranded without resources. When an aloof, sexy security guard asks for her help with a missing person search, maybe this episode featuring the would-be secrets of Sunset Falls won't be a total bust after all.

He doesn't believe in alien loving on Earth…

Fynix Sol is to blame for his beast battalion's exile from Xymir. Now they are hiding on Earth until they can bind their hungry beasts to willing mates. But that chance will be lost if the IDA outpost reopening fails to launch. Sol knows he doesn't rate a mate, not after what he did, but if he can trick an unsuspecting Earther into finding the missing proprietor of Evens' Odds & Ends Shop, at least his crew might be saved. He just needs to keep his beast hidden from the sharp-eyed, softly curved Brin.

They're both wrong. But together they are oh-so right.

It's hard to believe in the power of love, especially with a mysterious adversary confounding them. Can Brin and Sol trust each other long enough to discover who hates love enough to destroy the Big Sky Intergalactic Dating Agency?


She's never been on her own.

Her whole life, Callie was pampered, protected—and imprisoned. Then she lost it all. How can she survive on her own in such a dangerous universe? She needs someone to save her. Luckily, she knows just the one she wants—if she can figure out how to catch him.

He never wanted to be a bodyguard.

Born to serve in a beast battalion, for Zenith, getting banished was an unexpected dream come true. Now he's free to fly the wilds of Montana, Earth, answering to no one in the universe—if he can avoid a certain needy female with a knack for rubbing him the wrong way…and the right way.

The new Big Sky Intergalactic Dating Agency is ready to launch!

But not everyone believes in the promise of matchmating true love, and Zenith and Callie have only one chance to decide if her fear and his freedom matter more than a forever together.

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