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Don't you love cookies? I know I do and it seems like just about everyone I know also loves cookies. I love eating them, I love making them, I even just love the smell of freshly baked cookies. Making cookies doesn't have to be hard if you have a good idea where to begin and this book will give you some of the best cookie recipes ever. Full of super fun recipes that are sure to wow everyone- including the basics like Chocolate Chip to interesting recipes like Black Pepper Shortbreads- you can't go wrong with cookies from this book. There is even a cookie recipe for your dog! These recipes are also easy to follow and will impress everyone who tries one of your creations. So cheer up everyone including yourself with a deliciously creative cookie made from scratch, with love, by you!

With this book you will learn how to quickly make some amazing cookies in a stress free way- cookies are a happy dessert so sit back, relax and have fun in the kitchen! You will get to play with some new ingredients like matcha powder and almond paste. It may sound complicated, but these cookies are straightforward and will make you look like a professional chef. You will never be stuck wondering what to bring to a friend's house again as all of these recipes are perfect for entertaining and also are great as gifts! Who doesn't want a gift basket full of delicious Salted Toffee Cookies??

I wrote this book to show that baking cookies doesn't have to be a taxing project. Everyone can make amazing cookies, there is no need to worry or fret- just have fun! As a professional baker, I have worked in many, many kitchens and I have found that the people who make the best pastries are those who truly enjoy making food. It's no lie, love is the number one ingredient! I want everyone to feel confident in their baking skills so I keep my recipes clean and simple. No extra steps, no surprises, just uncomplicated, amazing cookies.

Each recipe has a brief description of the type of cookie you will be making- is it chewy? Is it crunchy? Will it last for a few months after it's baked? Then all the ingredients are laid out simply in cups and teaspoons- no need for a scale or calculator here! The directions are simple and not too wordy- I want you to know exactly what you are doing. The best part is at the end of every recipe, you will be pulling wonderful cookies out of the oven- so what are you waiting for! Preheat that oven and choose your first recipe!

It's time for you to enjoy baking and make some delicious, creative, mouth-watering cookies. Why wait? Every day is a good day to make some cookies!

Cocina, gastronomía y vinos
septiembre 17
Martha Stephenson
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