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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONHow can I increase my productivity? What can I do, so that the most is made of my time and I can carry out all the activities that I have to do during the day? Learn how to work smarter so you can increase your productivity.WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?You will learn to follow a plan that allows you to fulfill your daily goals, that avoids distractions.You will discover some methods that will help you work more quickly and efficiently.These methods range from knowing how to handle information correctly, to developing a probabilistic way of thinking that allows you to improve your decision making.In the same way, some suggestions will be made that you can apply when directing a team or forming part of one. It should be noted that all the knowledge and processes that are suggested, are accompanied by examples that allow appreciation of its practical application.ABOUT THE ORIGINAL BOOKIN THE MODERN WORLD, many individuals are governed by a set agenda they have to follow and by the objectives they have to reach, without caring that they are possibly risking their health in the process. Although not all of the population is like this, what we do have in common is that we all have the capacity to generate great ideas; however, we do not have the necessary time necessary to carry these out or, perhaps, we find other activities that divert our attention from the goals we established. The truth is that the world will always be full of distractions, fortunately, you can learn to follow a plan that keeps you on the right track.SMARTER FASTER BETTER by Charles Duhigg, is a book that examines how we can have greater productivity both in the personal sphere as well as in many other areas. To achieve this, Duhiggs book is based on his research and a large number of anecdotes, that will serve to illustrate and give advice on how to increase productivity in various areas of our lives. His book arose thanks to finding the author Atul Gawande, while working on his work The P

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