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CHRISTIAN INSPIRATIONAL FICTION by a USA Today Bestselling & Award winning author.

When his family's preference clashes with his divine purpose, with a single choice, will his next move propel him backward or forward?

Yohanna Felix's family worked in a Kentucky coal mine and prospered until the mines got shut down for its high environmental impact. Their family's fortunes dwindled to what they could no longer survive on and they were forced to choose a new path, or stay working in the mines while their health suffered as a result. 

But the visit of an elderly Christian missionary to his hometown, and a simple prayer with her, changed his vision—and complicated his options. He stood between the choice of God's blank check for a new, yet-unseen life, and towing the line of his family's expectation of finding work in another mine and possibly falling ill too.

Out of options and torn between both competing demands, will he tow the family line and stick with coal mining, or will Yohanna accept God's daring open door, leaping toward what could be an unprecedented breakthrough? 

The Breakthrough (The Excellence Club #2) is Book 2 of a new Christian Inspirational series by USA Today Bestselling Author Joy Ohagwu.

Ficción y literatura
diciembre 31
Divine Breakthrough Infinity
Joy Ohagwu

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