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Count Ulrich of Lindburg, by W. H. G. Kingston. The story begins in the early years of the sixteenth century. A monk, Martin Luther, has read the Bible and has realised that the teachings of the Roman church are much in error. Gradually his teachings percolate through the land. Count Ulrich, and also his son Eric, are very interested in this, though Ulrich's wife and daughter remain under the spell of their priest, Nicholas. Eric sets off for the city where Luther is teaching, accompanied by a personal guard called Hans. On the way they meet with a youngster who is being bullied, and they take him into their charge. Later they meet with some soldiers serving a Baron who is an enemy of Eric's father, and are taken to the Baron's castle, where they are imprisoned. After a few days they are sent for by the Baron's wife. It turns out that the boy they had rescued on their journey had dodged off when they were bing captured, and had made his way to where Martin Luther could be found. Knowing that the Baron's wife was interested in Luther's teachings he got message to her to ask her to intervene in the matter of Eric and Hans. This is successful, and the two men continue their journey. On arriving at the University town where Luther is teaching they hasten to his lectures, and are re united with the boy they had earlier rescued, who had been waiting and watching out for them.

January 1
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