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Few characters have seized readers’ imaginations quite like Count Dracula of Transylvania, the hero of Bram Stoker’s classic. The 1897 novel put vampires front and center on the cultural map, providing direct inspiration for an entire subgenre of bloodsucker fiction - including blockbusters like theTwilight series and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles - and spawning hundreds of movie adaptations!

Stoker’s novel is a thrill ride, following Dracula as he moves from Transylvania to England in search of fresh blood, while a small but dedicated group attempts to thwart him. Want more Stoker? Check out his great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker’s 2018 novel, Dracul.

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May 26
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Customer Reviews

thisnameisnottakenyouliar ,

A great read!

Dracula is an interesting story, although in lags a little in the middle. The story stands the test of time and is relatable today still. The characters are likable and logical, unlike so many horror offerings. The different viewpoints really tie the story together. A satisfying gothic horror

BlakeneseOne ,


I have not a read a book in many years and I am glad that this was my first read.
I enjoyed the way in which the book was written in the views of the main characters. The use of the old English is necessary to make one imagine life in those times. The stories are adventurous and make the reader feel as if they are on a journey with the characters.

I enjoyed this book very much, it is just unfortunate that the ending seemed a bit hurried. All in all it is a very good read.

CraigGraeme ,

Dracula. Bram Stokers

I thought this book excellent the old English quite beautiful.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and am sorry it has come to an end.
This is the second time I have read it.

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