The Council of Dogs The Council of Dogs

The Council of Dogs

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This is a poetry book. Why a Council of Dogs was convened on the Plain, The President Sheep Dog thus rose to explain. 'This meeting I call, to complain of misusage From the poets, who now a days have a strange usage Of leading up Insects and Birds to Parnassus, While, without rhyme or reason, unnotic'd they pass us. Declare then those talents by which we may claim Some pretensions, I hope, to poetical fame. I boast of whole legions, my voice who obey; Without me the Sheep, e'en the Shepherd, might stray But no more of myself Let each Dog of spirit Stand forward and modestly state his own merit. But I charge you be gentle, let's hear of no growling, No grinning, no snarling, no snapping, no howling'. The GREYHOUND first rose, with a spring from his seat, Scarcely bending the grass, that grew under his feet; His figure was airy, and placid his mien; Yet to flash in his eye indignation was seen. 'Brave companions', said he, "shall we noble beasts Hear of Butterflies Balls and Grasshoppers Feasts ? Hear dinned in our ears, wherever we roam, The Mask seeing Lion and Peacock at Home ? Shall we hear all this, nor assert the fair fame That for ages long past has distinguished our name? Forbid it ye Dogs! here behold me stand forth, To proclaim to the world my deserts, and my worth! Keen and swift in the chace, I can boldly declare From my speed, as I follow, in vain flies the Hare; Nay, while like the wind, I bound over the course My master comes lagging behind on his Horse. 'Twixt friends, I could laugh, at beholding the fuss And boasting men make of success due to us; The truth is so obvious 'tis scarce worth enforcing; Without our assistance they could not go coursing.

1 January
Public Domain

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