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iCloud is a particularly easy way of syncing data between mobile Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad, or between these mobile devices and a computer (Mac or PC). You can activate the service with just a few clicks and it is then immediately available.

In seconds, you can sync information such as calendar events, reminders, browser bookmarks, photos, documents and more between different devices. And it all happens automatically.

Many iCloud features are intuitive at a glance. But sometimes it takes a bit more time to dig out all the details. Luckily, two Apple experts have thoroughly tested all features and settings for you and describe them in this e-Book.

Now you, too, can become a power user!

In this book:

Apple-ID: Sign up for an Apple ID - it's free and gives you access to the various Apple Stores so you can purchase music, apps, books and more. The Apple ID is required for using iCloud, iMessage or FaceTime.
iCloud: Configure your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Mac or Windows computer in just a few seconds. Optimize the settings for perfect data exchange. Via the web interface, you can access your data from any computer anywhere in the world. Share your favourite photos via Photo Stream. Coordinate your tasks, to-do lists and calendar events by sharing your Reminders and Calendars. Create a backup of your iOS devices and manage your iCloud storage space easily and effectively.
iTunes 11 and iCloud: iTunes 11 offers a range of options for working with iCloud.
iTunes Match: Use iTunes Match to enjoy your entire music library on all devices.
Dropbox: iWork documents offer hassle-free syncing via iCloud, but you can also use the free Dropbox software to exchange any type of data between devices.
Find My Friends: Use this app to find the location of your friends and family.

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5. April
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