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Desired by the Vampire

Becky Matthews has been imprisoned in the cell of her own body for her entire life. She'd given up on men, family and children. Now, a hundred pounds lighter, with a new boyfriend, she's ready to grab all of life she can get. Except that her boyfriend, Andrei Vidnesceau, won't touch her or tell her of his feelings. He won't until two men attack him in her apartment, and he turns them both to dust. She needs an explanation. He tells Becky he's a vampire and proves it. She accepts him and his situation, and he shows his love for her. The rival coven turns her sister into a dreadfully evil vampire.

Saved by Her Bear

Kate Matthews, sergeant in the Aniok Island Sheriff's department, is sinking into mean, self-pitying martyrdom, and the man who can cure her doesn't like her very much. 

The Sheriff tells her to bring in a new recruit, John T. Dunnigan. Kate knew him in high school and considers him a weak, limp, useless man. She meets John and fails to see his new body or attitude. She does everything she can to drive him away.

She's got a real tool for that. If John joins the Sheriff's office, he becomes a werebear, alternately man or a Kodiak bear, 1500 pounds or muscles and claws. He also has to take Kate as his mate. Forever.

She's almost persuaded him to leave when they answer a call to a girl Kate knows. Her nasty mean surface character drops away when she takes the girl in her arms to comfort her. John sees it and tells her he'll take the job.

Will Kate accept John's love and face life again or will she lose her courage and allow herself to drown in a sea of helpless self-loathing.

Mated by the Vampires

Danielle loves to party. Her weekends are full of booze and drugs and lust, and that's just the way she likes it.

Well, most of the time. There are times when she wants more, when she looks inside herself and finds nothing but an empty void waiting to be filled. She needs excitement, something new to drag her from this endless cycle.

And that's exactly what she finds in Damien. He's something other than human, and she stumbles across him late one night at a club. He gives her a high better than anything she's ever experienced before with just his lips pressed against her neck. He introduces her to his roommate, Christopher, and things get even better and more intoxicating.

Suddenly she's delving into a world she's never known before, a world she wants nothing more than to be a part of - the world of vampires.

20. August
Hot Alpha Publishing

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