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George Orwell's masterpiece 1984—the title derived by reversing the last digits of the year of its completion—is a dystopian novel depicting an oligarchical, collectivist society. Winston Smith, the protagonist, practices "thoughtcrime"—he lets his mind wander in ways the government would disapprove of—and it is through him that we discover the atrocities of the society. Orwell wrote this novel after he wrote Animal Farm; both works wanted to depict the downfalls of a Communist regime. 1984 has been particularly influential, and one of its creations, "Big Brother," has found a prominent place in pop culture. Ironically, the book has, at times, been challenged for being intellectually dangerous, even to the point of being banned. Its influence, however, remains unmatched and its message unforgotten.

Fiction & Literature
25 November
Numitor Comun Publishing
Petre Banu

Customer Reviews

trevormkay ,

A Fantastic Book

If only they had us read this book in school instead of the drivel they gave us.

AliasNull ,

An exercise in reality

This book explores dystopia in its truest form: as an opposition to Utopia. For while a Utopia is fair and just, Oceania is cruel and hate ridden. But, this book explores ore than that. It explores how dystopias at possible, and how they can shape reality around themselves to appear as Utopias. For what is reality but what we think it is.

Jonathan Caine ,

Expectations of a revolt

I liked it very much but i put the book down after Winston had finished his reading of the book and fell asleep next to Julia. I was excited, inspired and couldnt wait for more of The Brotherhood.

Then it was shock, horror and a sense of dread reading ever so increasingly with the knowledge of the eventual disappointment as i checked the dwindling page numbers and abandoned hope of an uprising and good prevailing

Intellectually stimulating but on the whole i wanted the middle class uprising or the induction of some assassination mission causing Winstons position to improve.

- a 16 year old

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