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Based on over twenty years practice, thousands  of personal sessions and hundreds of practitioner trainings, Raym reveals his complete advanced healing process, Crystal Dreaming™  in one volume.

“Alchemy of Crystals deals with aspects of Crystal Healing  not covered in any other Crystal Healing book... an essential and comprehensive reference book for all healers, using any modality, not just Crystal Dreaming™.”

White Light Magazine

“I have been on a search for a very long time, as a health care practitioner and as a client seeking my own healing,  to find a form of ‘therapy’ that goes to those depths  where profound healing can happen.  This is sacred work and it is a privilege to partake of it.”

Dr Catherine Fyans G.P

Using a unique mandala of crystals laid around the body you will learn how to facilitate altered states of consciousness for others, in a safe and nurturing space. Through accessing the Superconscious or no time-space, clients may experience absolute bliss and oneness. In this expanded state it is possible to interact  with unconditionally loving beings, with full awareness and full recall.

After clearing energetic blockages, past life trauma, entities, implants and all other forms of negative attachment, it is possible to facilitate profound spiritual,emotional and physical healing, instantly. 

• Properties of crystals and chakras

• Selecting, cleansing and programming crystals

• Cleansing, purifying and protecting yourself and your healing space

• Releasing cellular memory, present and past life trauma

• Past life regression, resolving Karmeric issues

• Meeting interdimensional and spirit beings

• Dissolving past contracts and agreements

•Accessing a state of oneness and bliss

• ET interaction, reptoids and implants

• Spirit attachment and possession

• Psychic attack, curses and spells

• Negative energies and entities

•Releasing Earthbound spirits

• Twenty seven case studies

• Crystal layout diagram

• Process synopsis

15 March
Global Healing
Raymond John Richards

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