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Updated 2021 Through drug-free expanded states of consciousness, triggered by laying in a unique crystal mandala, clients may experience their own limitless multidimensional being, travel through time and space, merging with the superconscious. Anyone may access this sacred space, where trauma, pain and suffering, may be released.

In these sixty six true stories Raym unlocks the secrets of the real but invisible spirit world that surrounds us. He shares insights, explanations and exercises that reveal the awesome power for good that can be accessed by every one of us, through Crystal Dreaming™, now.

“Raym is a master story-teller, but more than that, his stories are factual, these things are experienced by real people. You will not only be entertained by this book, but you will read fascinating details of realms hidden from most of us. One day you may even be able to apply what you learn here in your own life.”

Elizabeth Jewell Stephens, Editor, LivingNow

Biographies & Memoirs
8 November
Global Healing
Raymond John Richards

Customer Reviews

Debra Fidler ,

Spirit World

The universe is works in mysterious and wonderful ways. Raym takes you on these journeys so that you can experience and remember the illumination each of us holds within. A must read for anyone wanting to explore and understand this universe we are a part of and share.

seekeroftruth888 ,

Spirit World

Spirit World gave me an insight into the realms of the spirit world and our ability to heal, forgive and release trauma for good. This is a fascinating read for anyone on the journey of self-discovery and healing.

Grinner0169 ,

Unbelievable but true

This book contains many tales of healing and transcends the conventional definition of said healing. These stories are amazing and intriguing as to how they are all so different but have similarities. For anyone who wants to expand their concepts of what powerful and transformative healings are this is a must read. Because every story in this book is a true experience that has been graciously shared by each individual. I have personally had a crystal dreaming and from what I experienced confirms the truth of this book.

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