Amber to Ashes

Part One in the Torn Hearts Series

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Publisher Description

From the New York Times bestselling author of Collide and Pulse comes a gritty new novel about a shattered young woman who unexpectedly falls for two best friends.

They were a storm I never saw coming, an unforeseen heartbreak on the edge of a dangerous cliff.

Amber Moretti’s life changes in the span of minutes. An orphaned outsider, she is desperate to start fresh the moment she walks onto campus. In the time it takes to cross the university’s dining hall, she meets two men who bring color, air, and light to her darkened world.

They became my addiction, each a needle to my next hit, my high.

Brock Cunningham’s appeal is dizzying, a potent force Amber can’t deny. A green-eyed smooth talker, he instantly attracts Amber. It doesn’t take long for him to consume her every thought, her every breath.

Ryder Ashcroft, a blue-eyed, tattooed, and pierced bad boy, turns Amber off immediately—that is, until he kisses her, stealing a piece of her heart, her soul.

They were as opposite as fire and ice, yet I ached for them equally.

Never knowing she could be broken down in so many unexpectedly beautiful yet petrifying ways, Amber finds herself falling for both men.

Immoral? Maybe. I say undeniable. Uncontained.

But one devastating event changes everything, shattering each of their lives...and Amber isn’t sure she can recover from it.

9 June
Atria Books
Simon and Schuster Australia Pty Ltd.

Customer Reviews

My Person's Books ,

5 Brilliant Stars

My Person's Books

5 beyond Brilliant stars!

This book left us speechless, finding the words for such an amazing book is hard to do, nothing we say will do it justice it deserves.

Amber to Ashes is one of those books that has you wanting to shut off everything around you and devour the whole book in one sitting. Overall, it is one hell of an experience, it's one of the books that stays with you, that has the book community talking non stop.

Gail McHugh takes you on a turbulent and emotional journey, one that will have your head spinning, trying to keep up with the emotions it pulls from you.

It's a beautiful story of three lost and broken souls all trying to get through life as best as they can. These three characters together ignite the fire amongst each other and put a spark back into each other's lives.

Amber is a girl with more issues than one should have at her age, she is a freshman in college in much need of a fresh start. Starting out at school she meets Ryder and Brock, two best friends she equally has feelings for.

Brock quickly wins over Amber's heart and becomes her boyfriend, for the first time in her life he shows her not only what it is like to love someone but to be loved by someone.

Then there's Ryder a man she had an instant connection to, there is something about this bad boy with a big heart that keeps the connection ignited.

Brock is aware of how Amber feels about Ryder and after one night between the three of them it changes everything...

The secrets they keep from each other can destroy them all so fast or build a stronger bond. When put in a dangerous position they must all choose wisely before it's all too late.

This book is told in 3 POV's and we loved it. You can feel every emotion, the intensity in each and every word. This writing flows like no other, Gail's words are flawless.

This book is going to turn you upside down, it's going to gut you, turn you on, make you mad, make you cry, make you smile and swoon like crazy. There is SO much depth and feeling in this book that you get a first hand experience as to what the characters are feeling. This book is beyond amazing!

This story is dark and twisty and will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time you are reading. You will fall in love with the characters and you will be left dying for more.

While this book ends on a cliffy it's so worth reading! Normally we don't like books that end on a cliffy but this one is different, the cliffy is so important, giving us time to digest what we've experienced. Putting our feelings into order before we embark on part 2 of this amazing experience.

Both of us definitely being #TeamRyder

Anaanaana881o ,


I believe Ryder stole the show here!
Great book but why end on a cliffhanger......I hate that.......

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