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Ben Fitzgerald knows all about battling demons. He was an alcoholic at the age of seventeen…

Through sheer hard work and determination, he’s managed to put his past behind him and is now a successful lawyer at the highly reputable Sydney Legal. Ben loves to fight for the underdog and when he discovers nursing students are graduating from Richmond University without the ability to properly read English, he doesn’t think twice about taking action.

Then Ben runs into an old flame and his world is turned on its end. He hasn’t seen Abby Brown since they were teenagers. She’s one of the few people who know about his troubled past. Concerned she might reveal his secret and struggling with an attraction to Abby he doesn’t seem able to control, Ben is determined to avoid her at all costs. He’s worked hard to secure his comfortable position at Sydney Legal. He refuses to allow anyone to jeopardize it.

In an effort to distract himself, Ben concentrates all his energies on the lawsuit against Richmond University. As far as he’s concerned, the college bigwigs are failing in their duty of care – to their nursing students who have paid handsomely for the privilege of their degree and to the patients who will ultimately receive their attention. An error made while reading a medication chart could prove fatal – in fact, it already has.

But what will happen when Ben discovers Abby’s brother is the head of the nursing department at Richmond University? Jeff Brown is directly in the path of Ben’s missile. Will he listen to Abby’s pleas for mercy on behalf of her brother, or will Ben do what he must and destroy the man’s career?

Will Abby ever forgive him if he does? Will he forgive himself if he doesn’t…?

30 April
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LCT Productions Pty Ltd

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JennyD101 ,


An Accidental Murderer is the first book in the new Chris Taylor's series called Sydney Legal. An Accidental Murderer is about Zheng, a registered nurse who gave an elderly patient Hydrogen Peroxide instead of cough medicine. The reason Zheng gave the wrong medicine was that she was unable to read the label on the bottle. Zheng conviction for manslaughter worried her lawyer Blake Harton who ask a colleague Ben Fitzgerald to investigate the issues of nurses graduation without been able to read and write English.

Readers of An Accidental Murderer will continue to follow Ben Fitzgerald investigation into this matter. However, the case is not as straightforward has Blake and Ben thought, and with the added complication of Abby Brown joining the Sydney Legal Law Firm. Also, the readers will follow the twist and turns in the rekindle romance between Ben and Abby. Readers of An Accidental Murderer will be shocked with the conclusion of this book.

Readers will like the way Chris Taylor (Author) portrayed the two main characters, Ben Fitzgerald and Abby Brown who knew each other when they were young teenagers with drugs and alcohol problems. An Accidental Murderer will show the readers that you can seek help and change your life after substance abuse. Amazing the way Chris Taylor (Author) smoothly combined the Sydney Harbour Hospital Series and the Sydney Legal Series.

I recommend this book.

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