Big Bad Alphas - Paranormal & Sci-fi Romance Collection

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Alien Heart

38-year-old Abby Miller didn't know what to do when her teenage son Kyle suddenly went missing shortly after a strange bluish light had appeared in the sky. While investigating the incident on her own, she stumbled upon a portal and found herself hurled through space to another planet, where she meets her son's captors. 
Meanwhile, Dr. Ashkin is dead set on discovering the antidote to the virus that has plagued his planet. With the governor pressuring him to find a cure fast, he has no other choice but to use his last chance--- the DNA of a half-human half-alien boy which his assistant Bladkov had brought all the way from Earth.
Sparks fly as soon as Abby and Dr. Ashkin lay eyes on one another. Despite Abby's resolve to bring her son home as soon as possible, she finds herself adjusting well to this new home, and caring about an alien and a planet she hardly knows.

As their hearts heal each other's past wounds and rediscover hope and love, Abby is torn between going back to her life on Earth, and leaving it forever to risk her heart again.

Unbearable Seal

When Crag Boulder is sent to Vancouver Island on a special mission the Navy SEAL has no idea that the trip will change his life forever, as well as extending it by several hundred years. 

In a bar in the northern town of Port Hardy Crag meets Honoria, a girl he was once at school with, who never gave him the time of day. Now she's in the Navy too, and all of a sudden she wants him and can't get enough of him. 

In his room she bites his neck. What seems unusual, perhaps playful foreplay, turns out to be something else completely and Crag finds that he has been shapeshifted into a Werebear, with abilities he could only have dreamed of. 

But that's not all he has to contend with. From mating with Honoria, to saving the President of the United States from assassination, Crag is in for the wildest ride of his life. And if he survives it, what else will lie in store for the newest bear in SEAL team 13?

Alien Queen

Ten years have passed since Jessica had lost her husband during The Flare--- a blaze of fire that had quickly enveloped the entire earth in an explosion of brightness, designed to aid in the attack of the Xantrax Clan which is an alliance of evil aliens from different planets. Since then, she hasn't opened her heart again to anyone, not even to her close friend Rob who's been openly expressing his romantic feelings for her. 

Vestix Warriors, sworn enemies of the Xantrax Clan, have lost their planet in the process of helping humans and have since lived on earth to work with the military in protecting the earth. When good-looking alien soldier 1X57VTZ, whom Jessica nicknames One, gets assigned to work with her on a school security project, she couldn't believe her bad luck. To make it even worse, he is also tasked to protect her 24/7 from an evil alien who's out to make her his queen! 

Will living together and seeing One's humane side finally make Jessica fall in love again? And will One actually choose her and fulfill her dream of building a family over his military ambition and pledged duty to protect the earth?

26 August
Scarlet Heart Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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